Questions on filling in form MB10

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HappyGirl Posts: 113
[color=indigo:auh7mvsi]Hi girls I had a quick look at form MB10 today and I wasn't entirely sure what should be input for three of the questions. Hopefully those of you who have done this before can enlighten me :). Q15 (employer) - when they ask for details of your PRSI contributions over the last 12 months, do they mean from 12 months before you go on leave until the date you go on leave, or in the last full 12 month work period (i.e. Jan-Dec 2006 for me)? Q16 (employer) - maternity leave dates. Should the "To" date be the date you intend on returning to work (i.e. after adding public holidays, annual leave, additional unpaid leave) or just the date which is 26 weeks after the "From" date, since maternity benefit is only payable to that date anyway (and it's immaterial whether I take additional leave after that)? Q31 - spouse's gross weekly income. Do I need to fill this in as I assume it is just to assess if he is below the 250 EUR per week threshold (he is not). So can I leave it blank or mark as "not relevant"? All answers appreciated! Thanks! :) S[/color:auh7mvsi]
grumpy Posts: 1280
I can't remember what was filled in on the first one, but my employer did that, so yours probably will too. They mean the 26 weeks of maternity leave (I suppose its in case you plan to go for less, as they certainly won't pay for longer!) I filled that in, but not to the penny, just a rough estimate as my dh is over the limit also.