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Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
Girls, I know I have plenty of time to be thinking about this but would value your feedback. I see lots of articles about the benefits of Bf'ing and why its best etc etc. But Im wondering about formula. As i have said before I dont have any close family members or friends with babies so please forgive all of my questions. I hope I dont upset anyone by what I am about to say... In my head, formula = artifical = chemicals. Am I completely wrong to think this way? how much better is BF'ing than formula? I just have no information on it. The next time I go shopping Im going to read the ingrediants on some of the tins to find out more. All of my family were raised on formula and I know I will be kind of pushed into that direction by them. Not that I will necessarily listen!!! :-) But from a 50,000 ft view it seems that formula is very artificial and I worry about that. Hope i havent offended any formula people out there - just would like your opinion. Sometimes I wonder why is cows milk/goats milk not used if BF'ing isnt working? Would they not be better than some powder from a can? Thanks for your help on this. Im very green in this whole baby area!!
January Baby Posts: 1427
Babies cannot digest cow's milk until they are 10-12 months old & there is a formula out there made from Goat's milk but it doesn't contain enough iron & vitamins growing babies need, it's only really used if the baby has an allergy to formula milk. Formula is not all bad, yes it's artificial & never will be the same as breastmilk but babies have thrived on it for years & years. Breast is best but it's just not for eveyone, not everyone can breastfeed successfully & you could get a very hungry baby who just wont be full on breastmilk. I'm going to see how it goes when baby arrives, I'll try breastfeeding but wont be dissapointed if it doesn't work out.
poppy1 Posts: 596
defo breastfeeding is best!! but so much good stuff goes into formula it has to be good for babies, and as the previous poster said it has been used for years!!! i b'fed for 6 wks then changed to formula and was made gulity for doing so but my baby is thrivin so do what you feel is right for you!! When your baby is older are you going to cook all its food or are you going to give them jars of dinners?? Are you going to give them snaxs taytos, chickatees etc or raisins and fruit!! Everyone to their own.....