Questions re 4 year old dd

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candypants Posts: 8575
Hiya girls, i am hoping you can help me out with this one. H2b and I are confused at the min. I actually could do with speaking to a child pshycologist. Anyway, dd the last 2 weeks, has constantly been telling me and h2b how much she loves us and asking for hugs and kisses and telling us how were the best ect. and she is been so good and using manners and taking no for an answer when she is told. (instead of kicking up the usual fuss) I know its nothing to worry about, but its just odd as its all the time now and was never like that before, do you think she maybe insecure or anything, or is there another reason for it? Were just both a bit confused. Thanks ladies :thnk Posted this in the July thread but thought i might try get some more answers doing it this way O-O
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Does she know about your pregnancy yet? Could it perhaps be because she thinks Santa is watching her? Sorry no other suggestions
tilsun Posts: 4506
No LOs yet so not sure, but a few guesses Even if she doesn't know about the pregnancy she may have noticed your DH or others fussing over you and sense something is up. Have you been sick (MS) or anything that she might have seen? Only other idea is if she saw you and DH fighting and is feeling a bit nervous? Santa is a definite possibility
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
big chatterbox - i had this with my dd she was 7 at the time. a couple of weeks before i told her that we were gonna have a baby i could have sworn she had already knew. it was like she sensed it or something. i could have written the same story as you. i just carried on as normal as i could. i'm sorry i dont have any answers for you. girls are just too clever for their own good at times. hope all works out
candypants Posts: 8575
Thanks girls for replying. Me and h2b havnt been fighting so i know it's def not that. It could be santa but not convinced for some reason. She doesnt know about baby YET, but i think she may sense it as shes asking do i like this name or that name for a boy/girl. Have been sick in the mornings and she has heard me??
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
OMG Big_Chatterbox, I could have written that post. I only discussed this with DH this afternoon. Or DS has been contstantly seeking approval over the last few weeks. Mommy do you love me?, mommy are you happy with me?, mommy are you proud of me? I am so worried about him. We would be a very affectionate family, and especially me a DS tell each other we love each other 50 times a day, me and him even have a secret handsqueeze to say I Love You when we are walking down the street, so I dont understand why these constant questions. I'm worried he is getting insecure with babs about to arrive, but my DH just says to leave him be, and he will settle in a few weeks. I really hope its not permenant, I was so insecure as a child and constantly worried about what others thought of me, I would hate him to be like me. I would be really interested see others opinions on this too.
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
my dd can be like that too mrs c. like in school she wouldnt tell me if something happend in case i went to the teacher about it. you'd swear i was one of these crazy moms but i'm not. its very worrying when we think our children are insecure, because we know what its like. hopefully they'll be fine when the babies arrive. i keep saying to my dd what a great big sister she will be and she seems happy enough with that.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Has she just started school Chatterbox? My little brother started in Sept and has now got used to all the "well done" "Whos a clever boy" "whos growing up so fas" comments from all of us and loves them... Also alot of kids with the santa thing....or maybe she knows you have been sick and is worried and is getting reassurance from you
Chancer Posts: 233
Kids can sense things are different and notice a lot more than you'd think. Little looks that you dh might be giving you etc. Also I read in the July thread that your friend and daughter know so it is possible that she has been told and is giving you the go ahead to tell her. As in, look I'm a good girl I'll be a great help when baby comes along and its ok I want a little bro/sis?? I think the important thing is to tell her so that she's not hearing rubbish from other people. Coming from a large family myself I know that it's important to include them in the whole process of pregnany, shopping for baby etc. Plenty of stories about when you were pregnant with her and the excitement of getting ready for the baby. It will make her feel included and less likely to feel insecure about a new bundle coming along. I remember my Mum telling me that when you're having a baby your belly gets really big and one side is for the baby to grow and the other side is full of love so Mum and Dad have enough for all their children and they don't have to share. Sounds mad now but I remember it making me feel so much better, like I didn't have to compete for their love or attention as there was still the same amount there for me
kinder Posts: 504
Chancer, that's a lovely story your Mam & Dad had for ye. Really nice. Must remember that!