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Milly83 Posts: 3620
Hi, It's me again, the question lady.... Question One I have thrush, what can I take for it? Before pregnancy, I used canesten duo. Is this ok during pregnancy? I will ask in pharmacy anyway but just want advice from you guys. Question Two I have been fairly tired over the past week or so and sleeping during the day. I was fine but it seems to be creeping back up on me. I am not taking any vitimans or anything at all. Is there something that I could be taking to help me and give me more energy? Question Three Any advice for sore feet? I wore heels to a wedding on Saturday and they killed me. My feet were just aching straight away. Thanks all!!
nea dude Posts: 749
Try washing yourself with chamomile tea (cooled) , i know it sounds odd but it does sooth the irritation of thrush. Avoid washing with soaps and shower gels. Get a vaginal wash from the chemist, it will help avoid a reoccurrence. Wear 100% cotton underwear, and skirts if you like them to allow air to circulate. Avoid wearing Jeans while you have thrush.