Quetsion on Maternity Leave

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chloe01 Posts: 33
I'm having twins and my doctor has advised that I will probably need to go out on maternity leave at 30 weeks due to my mobilty and blood pressure. I have mentioned this to HR and they have said that maybe i should start my maternity at 30 weeks instead of 38 weeks, is this possible? On my contract i'm entitled to 4 weeks sick leave that is paid by the company which would take me to 34 weeks, am I entitled to take this and maybe take 4 weeks at my own expense?
Mokey Posts: 576
I'd imagine you'd be entitled to your sick leave from the company once it's covered by a doctor's cert. You can then take your maternity leave at 34 weeks, it just means you'd have less time on the other side of the birth. Although if you're having twins, you probably won't be allowed to go full term anyway so it won't make much of a difference. Check out your rights on the Citizen's Information website - it should tell you everything you're entitled to there - M x