Quick hit - best bridal shops in central Dublin? Last dash!

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Girls!!!! I need your advice! I went wedding dress shopping for one day a couple of months ago and tried on maybe five dresses in total. The first one I tried was beautiful and I think I'm very likely to end up going with it. Have had a busy couple of months and I haven't looked at anything since - I phoned the shop that had "my" dress and they advised me to come in on Saturday, try it on again and look at placing the order as 6-7 months is a good time to be making the order. What I'd like to do is race into one or two other bridal shops before I go to this shop and make a final commitment. Can you recommend the "best" (and I know that's subjective) bridal shops in central Dublin? I already have Bridal Wraptures on the list, though they have no appointments for Saturday so I'll only be able to look unless I get a cancellation. Suggestions welcome - just want to "hit" one or two before I make my final choice!
puggle Posts: 848
What about Kathy de stafford or Aspirations? I don't think they do appointments on a Sat so you could just wander in.
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
De Stafford are the guys who have my dress! Where is Aspirations?
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
I got mine at deStafford - very nice girls there. Can recommend them. Aspirations...? Rings the bell but can't remember. Maybe if you check the internet for their address...
sparkles Posts: 293
Hi Weddingsonline sent a newsletter and on it was a new bridal shop in the middle of dublin, can't think of the name, I'll look it up for you, dresses looked fab on it. Sparkles *)
pinky_winky Posts: 527
I think your right to do this just to put your mind at ease so you know you've got the right dress! I did and I didnt go for the original dress in the end. one saturday i grabbed my teenage niece (wanted someone objective but with no aspirations as to how i should look on my big day i.e My mam!) went to practically every bridal shop in Dublin and the minute i saw my dress in Berketex even tho they wouldnt let me try it on i knew it was the perfect dress for me... I came back a week later tried it on and ordered it... everyone agreed i made the right decision... Right here goes: Berketex- great selection of dresses not your usual selection Alexanders - really nice loads of sizes to try on marks and spencers- depending on what your after they have some lovely stuff De Staffords- again unusual and really nice! have a great time- and keep an open mind
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[quote="sparkles":1nnrla09]Hi Weddingsonline sent a newsletter and on it was a new bridal shop in the middle of dublin, can't think of the name, I'll look it up for you, dresses looked fab on it. Sparkles *)[/quote:1nnrla09] Myrtle Ivory?
delila Posts: 74
Hickeys in Henry Street Ciara's in Powerscourt Shopping Centre
Summer 07 Bride Posts: 31
Have to say, went to all the shops in a hurry in Dublin and Head and shoulders above were Colm at Town Bride, Powerscourt - so helpful with advice on what shape suits and also de Staffords. Went into both needing a dress withing 10 weeks and both so helpful. Went with town bride in the end and so happy with the service I received. A real gentleman. You must make and appointment tho to get the time you need.
gerbil Posts: 3528
Bridal Corner in Glasnevin (it's near the Brian Boru pub and you can usually park there) I'm getting my dress there and they have been great so far. I also thought de staffords and alexanders were good. Didn't have a good experience with Town bride in powerscourt, they were very unhelpful and uninterested and quiet rude to my poor old mother when she tottered in (needless to say that ruled them out immediately)