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mamime Posts: 791
Ok there is sandwiches, but i need something substanstial for the winter coz cooking in the evenings isn't working for us at the moment. My son won't eat sandwiches anyway, he has a sambo-phobia!! So wondering what you cook lately. I am bored lately of making the usual shepards pie, bolognese and lasagne.. Other common ones are curry and rice, macaroni, sausage and mash or fish fingers and beans. But there is always one who doesn't like something.. spoilt so we are #rolling eyes..
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
My DD1 is v fussy at the moment. Only really eating pasta. Other quick things for lunch though... Scrambled egg or beans with toast, hummus and pittas with carrot, pepper etc. and variations on sandwich - soft cheese wrap, bagel etc.