quick q bout shopping!

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shining star Posts: 877
Hi girls, just wondering bout this.. When you do your big supermarket shop in the week do you find the trolley pulls on your stomach I'm just back from Dunnes and really struggled with the trolley, felt like I was doing too much.. Got someone to help me to the car with the shopping and all that but maybe I shouldn't be doing the big shop myself? Would this have the same effect as mopping/ hoovering etc that we also shouldn't be doing? Thanks
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hi Newed, I've been doing grocery shopping, hoovering and mopping etc the whole way through pregnancy. I've only just found it a bit more difficult in the last couple of weeks because of pelvic pain. But if you're sore, then take it a bit easier. Your body knows its own limits.
2006bride Posts: 87
I would agree with last post. I also have been doing shopping since day one and i Did it today and have not had any problems. I try not to stress to much about things like that cause you will just worry about everthing. Just try relax and your body will tell you when enough is enough.