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serenity Posts: 3675
Hi gals... :wv Just wondering if you can help me... Is it safe to eat Chinese food when pregnant... I have heard / read conflicting reports... Have a Chinese regularly on a Saturday night and was hoping to eat one tonight but just want to check it's okay.... Cheers gals... :thnk
roxychick Posts: 1802
I'd have one an odd time. Have had no problems. Can tend to repeat sometimes
coconut Posts: 2183
hey hun!! Congrats again on ur pregnancy!! I have had chinese's the whole way through my pregnancy never heard anything different!! I would go ahead and have it!!
serenity Posts: 3675
Thanks Roxychick and Coconut... Coconut :eek :eek :eek :eek Cannot believe you are overdue... OH MY GOD... how fast was that (I know probably feels like forever for you!!)... Hope you are keeping well chicken?? All set??? xxx
coconut Posts: 2183
Actually it went so fast, the last 3 wks have dragged!! i am booked in for an induction on tuesday so fingers crossed i will go myself before then!! How are u doing, i see u had ur scan and all!! So delighted for u missus, i was so happy for u when i saw that u were preggers!!
serenity Posts: 3675
Oh wow... I hope you come too before that... But at least you know probably by Wednesday you will be a mammy :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll how exciting is that chicken??? I am thrilled and excited for you - will be dying to hear how you get on??? Which hospital are you going to?? I am still very nervous about things as it's still very early days... We had our first scan last Monday as it was IUI so they do an early scan... Saw the heart beating away which was fab... Have my next appointment 3 weeks on Monday when I will be 11 weeks & 5 days so please god all will be okay then... I am feeling fine... Tired, but otherwise great...!!!! How are you? You got a great bump??
Tub Posts: 157
hiya, just like cocnut i had chinese take aways all through my pregnancy as well and even going to have one tonight maybe O-O I've never heard that you shouldnt
coconut Posts: 2183
i am attending portloais!! U will be fine hun, it is a good thing that they do the early scan gives u great reassurance!! Yeah it is hard to believe that i will be a mammy soon!!!! Don't talk to me about bump it has gotten so big!!
MrsMcM Posts: 311
Hey Serenity, I've no help on the chinese but just wanted to say a huge congrats on the pregnancy!! I know you were trying a while - hope your keeping well :o)ll Delighted for ya
milis Posts: 7998
I've never heard anything about not eating chinese, I've been eating it all along.