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Bubba Bump Posts: 348
I have a [u:13l38a5v][b:13l38a5v]VERY[/b:13l38a5v][/u:13l38a5v] active bump, it's kicking the beejasis out of me pretty much 24/7 just wondering did anyone else have the same and if so what was your baby like after it was born? Active bump = active baby? :o0 :o0 :o0
jellybaby Posts: 2316
My DD was a [i:2evg9u1k]VERY[/i:2evg9u1k] active bump! It started at 15 weeks and by 18 weeks I was being kicked all over, day and night, and it continued that way for the rest of the pregnancy. I won't say that she's inactive now, but she's definitely not what you'd call an active baby. Her cousin is far more mischievous! She plays with her toys on the floor, mostly staying in one area and is happy to do that. She really only tears around the place if you move from room to room - she follows. She slept fairly well as a young baby, and while she was aawake, she was happy just to sit any watch what went on around her. She's the same still, happy to sit on your lap and watch tv, or sit and watch if you're washing up, etc, etc. There's probably no correlation between how they're like in the womb and afterwards though :o0