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crazylady10 Posts: 539
Hi Just wondering does anyone know a good solution to loosing 2 stone before June??! Im desperate! Even even i lost a stone. Excercise is hard at the mo cos i travel from Meath to Dublin with work so its usually 8 or later before im home. Please someone HELP!!!!!!!! :wv
loopybride Posts: 169
lipotrim :hic xenical :o( reductil :ooh or jus good olf fashioned weight watchers, drinkin gallons of water and movin ur ass!!! i lost over 5 stone since may and ww and exercise the only way! trust me iv tried all of the above! used to hate walkin now i feel a bit deprived if i dont get one especially in this shi**y weather, its great "me" time or even better a half hour with h2b to chat about wedding plans etc without distraction of phone, computer and tv!!
nichona2 Posts: 61
June is loadsa time to lose 2 stone! I just started lipotrim this week...I want to lose 2 stone by end of April. I'm going to do the lipotrim to lose the first stone, shrink my stomach size cause i eat like a horse :-8 and then kick start my healthy eating plan....similar to WW - a friend let me photocopy her WW book so I can see what is healthy etc and eat from their lists I'm only on day 5 and I've already lost 6lbs!! It is tough though...u need alot of willpower. And its pricey too.....65euro a week...but I justified this by the amount i spent on food a week in work...its usually a tenner a day so an extra 15 euro is not too bad...as i'd usually go out for a meal at the wkends good luck!!
chelle10 Posts: 254
june is penty of time to lose two stone sensibly. you will b looking fantabulous by then!! you can healthily losetw pounds a week by eating a balanced diet and a little exercise. how about a walk at lunchtime, park further from the office or get off a stop earlier on the bus and walk. if you dont have much time for exercise join curves. my friend hastotally toned up and changed her body shape with curves. good luck