Quinn healthcare and SP in Cumh and Holles Street

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workingmom Posts: 3429
Girls, I was listening to local radio station this morning, and there was a lady on saying that she was semi-private in the Cumh and has to pay 300+ euro to the hospital as there was a charge for a consultant fee as a doctor attended the birth of her baby, and they won't pay it directly to the hospital, she has to pay it and then they will refund it. Also, if semi-private in Holles Street, you have to pay the hospital the full charge for your maternity care/ stay and then they will re-imburse you. Now, I am not sure how correct the info is, but that is what the lady stated, so for any of you who have just had a baby SP in these hospitals, perhaps call them to confirm it, as she said that the Cumh started sending letters out from the accounts department at the start of the week for the amount outstanding for people who have had babies in the last few months.
under construction Posts: 3458
I was SP in Holles st, and i am with Quinn Healthcare. I had to pay (i think it was €250) at the start but everything else has been covered. I stayed 5 nights in Holles st as i had to have a c-section. I haven't received any invoices. Hopefully i won't either.
SUZIE rock Posts: 21
there is a problem with most maternity hospitals in dublin and quinn, they are not paying for delivery ( semi- private)if a doctor does not attend the birth and thats why the hospitals have to charge the full amount. its very unfair- but when you ring quinn they say there is no problem and there is
leanbh1 Posts: 473
Im sp in Holles St and had to shell out [b:1x8fflmb]€560[/b:1x8fflmb] o my first visit.And I was told I'll get none of it back as my cons wont be at birth so Quinn wont cough up.Vivas and VHI only charge 250 afaik.I was fuming when I found that out! >:o( [/b]
workingmom Posts: 3429
I think it's ironic that they are advertising at the moment that they have the best maternity package, and then this kind of stuff comes out. I am glad I am with VHI, even if they are more expensive, I've never had a bother with them (touch wood). TBH, having a baby is probably one of the most expensive times of your life (not that it matters when your baby is arriving, that's priceless) but to expect people to fork out even more money they never budgeted for is crazy
Baby on board Posts: 136
Sorry Girls im not sure if I am understanding this correctly but surely if your consultant is not present for the delivery of your baby then he should not get paid for it! Why should the consultant get paid for a service they didnt provide and why is the hospital billing for a service that was not provided? Now again im sorry if i have taken this up wrong
workingmom Posts: 3429
I think the issue is babyonboard that quinn cover for delivery by midwife, but not by consultant, so if one is called then the patient has to pay for it as it is an additional cost.
Baby on board Posts: 136
Hi I asked a friend of mine about this today (she had her baby recently) She spoke to someone from Quinn as they called to confirm her claim and she asked them about this as her consultant was not present and what they told her is that they dont pay for the delivery charge that the consultant was billing for as he was not present. There is no midwife charge, the charge is for the consultant and if he charges and is not present then Quinn will not pay it, which to me sounds perfectly reasonable I wouldnt want someone paid for something who does not provide the service. Now I am only getting this info second hand and I do not know why Holles street are charging extra if with Quinn but it sounds to me as if consultants are throwing a wobbly and bills are being sent to patients when the service was not provided.
wombats Posts: 665
It's not possible to be semi private in CUMH. If you're public, you don't pay anything and if you're private your stay is covered for the birth and 3 nights private accom. (more is covered if you have a section as it's considered 'medical'). Quinn rang me to confirm that I had stayed x number of nights and been attended by stated doctors. I was private and had everything covered by Quinn. Not sure about HS