Quinny Buzz 4 - Whose bought?

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Babymama12 Posts: 267
Hi Ladies Well I think I am certain on the Quinny Buzz 4 travel system and I am wondering if anyone has bought this and where i.e. online or in a store? I am thinking of it in red as that should suit either boy or girl. Also would love to hear of any reviews people have of this system. I know this has been discussed in previous threads but it is always useful to get fresh information. Thanks in advance :thnk
Greece Posts: 1800
Sorry cant really help, only replying because I just found out the difference between this and Buzz 3 yesterday :o0 i got the Buzz 3 but both get great reviews - good luck with it
wifin Posts: 4761
Another Buzz 3 owner here but obviously not used it yet (unless pushing around the upstairs of our house counts :-8) The only negative I heard on the Buzz 3 was the weight but to be honest, I have a bad back and have been practicing lifting it in and out o the car and can do it no problem.
Greece Posts: 1800
Wifin...yeah I had originally ordered the Baby Elegance Beep but was worried about car seat so changed to Quinny Buzz 3 and that was my worry, that it was heavier. I said it to the girl in the shop and she was giggling saying "you'd swear people were lifting tractors in and out of the boot the amount of hype over buggy weights" She said the Quinny may be a little heavier than some but you have to remember you really will only be lifting the frame in and out and in fairness you get used to it very quickly *)
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Girls I have the Buzz 4 & it's very manageable. I can lift it in & out of the boot with one hand & I'm enormous at the moment! It's a great buggy, you'll love it!
Babymama12 Posts: 267
Went for a walk on the promenade today and seen someone with a lovely red Quinny. I stalked them for a while to get a good look :ooh Just have to have it now. LOVE IT!
marriedLife Posts: 1881
I've my heart set on the red buzz 3 quinny - can I ask what the difference between the buzz 4 and the buzz 3 is?