Quinny Buzz Convert 4 to 3?

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bumble Posts: 1980
Have seen a great deal on a Quinny Buzz 4 but would prefer the Buzz 3. I remember someone saying you can buy the extra wheel. So i presume it's possible to convert a 4 wheel to a 3 wheel? How easy is this to do and any idea on where to buy 3 wheel attachment and how much it costs? Otherwise might be easier to just buy the Buzz 3 in the first place!!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
That was meeeee!!!! I got the quinny and they gave me the wheels for both 3 or 4 wheeler! You can order the extra wheels in that buggy shop in rathcool for about 50 euro or try swap with someone here, Im sure someone got the 4 wheeler and wants the 3 wheels or vice verse. They just pop on and off! I did look on eay and the internet before I got mine and couldn't see the wheels on sale on their own though....
bumble Posts: 1980
Thanks CBB!!! Only you had said it before about the wheels i would have ignored the great deal on the 4 wheeler so thanks a mill!! We got our Quinny today :o)ll :o)ll Very early i know BUT it was a great deal and we loved it so went for it and the bonus was they actually had the wheel accessory there so even though we bought the quinny buzz 4 we now have a quinny buzz 3 sitting in the dining room!! Woo hoo! And have the other wheels to switch back to 4 wheeler if we want. Bonus! It was only €25 for the extra wheel i couldnt believe it. Am so excited!! Cant wait to use it but will be waiting a while for that :o0
EmmaF Posts: 314
Saw your message yesterday and pm-ed cheer bear bride - I haven't been on this site in a while and was googling how to get a quinny and an extra wheel to have the choice of 3 or 4 wheels! For some odd reason i thought this post was a year old - pregnancy brain! Else I would have just posted on as normal! Anyway, Where did you buy your quinny do you mind me asking? I'm in dublin and hoping to buy one this week. was gonna go north but Mothercare have a 'don't go north' sale on and prices seem great. Just wondering are all baby shops as obliging about selling the extra wheel? thanks!!! Emma
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Im pm'd ya back Emma! i got my quinny when I was only 3 mts gone :-8 It was in Jan sale and got the best deal ever! What colour did you go for Bumble? I got the capri, i know its last season but I love it so much
bumble Posts: 1980
Oh I'm so excited about my quinny :o)ll :o)ll I got mine in the Mothercare "dont go north" sale!! EmmaF it's well worth checking out. The 2009 colours are full price but cheaper than most places in the south at €435 (still cheaper buying online from uk though) however the storm colour (black) was reduced to €315 (3 wheeler i think). But! We wanted something bright ..was going to go for racoon but DH thought it was too dark so we went for the gold (one of the old colours too CBB but we just LOVE it!). It's got choc brown hood and choc brown footmuff with gold lining to footmuff (bright yellow really) and the buggy seat itself is bright yellow which'll be lovely in summer and in winter the footmuff will be most of what you see which is choc brown. And the best part it was priced at €255!!! That's for the 4 wheeler, we bought the extra wheel also in mothercare for €25 so we have the option of 3 wheeler. Footmuff was also reduced to €30 from €60. CBB the capri is fab!!! :o)ll
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Oh I am waiting for mine to arrive bought the buzz 4 in strawberry, really wanted the 4 wheel but would like to have the option to change to 3 too must get one, oh cant wait for it all to arrive :-8