Quinny Buzz - where's the cheapest place to buy?

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Lady Mama Posts: 162
Thinking of getting this as a walking buggy as mine is a bit heavy when walking for long periods.
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi there, I'll be buying off kiddicare or pramworld in the next few days, both have gotten great reviews here and are definitely cheapest for the full package but I think mothercare are doing deals at the moment that might be worth looking at if you're not getting a whole system.
neddie Posts: 580
We bargained a bit in Murphy's in Rathcoole and got the lot for €800 a while back. Still about €50 more expensive than online but was happy out. Got the buzz 3, carrycot, isofix carseat, footmuff etc in the racoon.
birdie Posts: 954
Mothercare are doing a deal alright but only in certain colours, I know they were doing (not sure if they still are) the full package in Storm (black) for €750..........we got ours from kiddicare.co.uk for €710 including delivery and that was for the buggy, shopping basket, carry cot, car seat, base & footmuff so everything you'd need, and there was also the two raincovers, a mozzie net, and a little bag for the rain covers (straps on down low nice and neatly) included in that, plus 3 blind thingies for the car! Ordered it on a Wednesday night and had it the following Wednesday, and that was a bank holiday weekend in between, so all in all very happy with the whole experience!
oohbaby Posts: 164
yep went with kiddicare.com also, think the deal is called pack 39 or something? for same money and items as mothercare but you get choice of colour, as opposed to just black in mcare ordered on wed, delivered on fri best of luck!
Finallymum Posts: 485
I got my quinny buzz 4 from babydaysdirect - got the Maxi Cosi isofix carseat and base back in March, and the buggy, carrycot, footmuff and shopping basket the other day - came to 752euro in total for everything. Heres a tip, the 2008 model is cheaper than the 2009 - I think the only difference is the chassis, a diff colour silver; so I've read anyway. (The colours it comes in might be different, don't think you can get the racoon in the 2008 version etc.)
surprisejellybaby Posts: 46
Hey Lady Mama Going to go with kiddicare as delivery is flat £20 no matter how much stuff you get (so am going to get crib, cotbed, changing unit, monitors etc). Pramworld won't deliver furniture to Ireland and their delivery charge then is £57 which brings total quinny price up to the same price as the kiddicare quinny. Have heard good reports on kiddicare too Hope that helps!
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i've just ordered from kiddicare. placed order last night about 9pm, and just got a text and email saying order had been despatched - can't believe it was so quick! can't wait to get them now! and as you say it's 19.99 per delivery no matter how much stuff you get - great value
Lady Mama Posts: 162
Thanks for all your replies, I've seen a good few deals for them second-hand so tink I'll go down that route as I already have a pram, car seat etc. :thnk
duncwilson Posts: 4
We bought ours from here : [url] http://www.toffeeappleworld.co.uk/quinn ... -2779.html[/url] And they were really nice - sorted us out with a free footmuff too - even though the Quinny buzz was on discount