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SUZIE rock Posts: 21
Can anyone recommand one of these prams, im going to get the carry cot, buggy and car seat but i just dont know which one to get! both are not cheap so i want to make the right decision.... has anyone got either one of these or cant anyone recommand any other brand thanks :wv
Toots12 Posts: 894
I think we're going to go with the Quinny, because it seems to be really easy to fold (a big factor for me!) and the shape and size is good. I like the Bugaboos but it's very expensive and I think the pram is a strange shape.... just a personal thing really...
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hey girls, I can't offer an opinion on actually using either the Quinny or the Bugaboo however I do have a brand spanking new Bugaboo upstairs waiting for my tiny baby to arrive!!!!!! I feel in love with the shape, the lightness, the look, the comfort of the Bugaboo as soon as I started researching prams. I think the 3 wheels of the Quinny put me off, just not for me, however it does look really slick when I see them in shopping centres etc!! I'll let you know how I get on with the Bugaboo in a few weeks :o)ll :o)ll
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
Well not to sway you as its totally what you can afford but if you can go to Tony Kealeys or a pram shop and ask them to demonstrate the bugaboo and then the quinny. This is what we did and the sales clerk basically looked at us to say its not a patch on the bugaboo.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Have the quinny and love it. It's brilliant. I don't have carrycot, still using car seat. Plan to use chair part in few weeks. BTW quinny comes with 4 wheels now too.
Tess72 Posts: 1173
These were my top two also - the Bugaboo and the Quinny (was thinking of the Quinny Speedie cos it gets better reviews than the Buzz). The Quinny is heavier and wider than the bugaboo and in the end that and the fact that DH preferred the bugaboo to push made us go for the bugaboo. The Skate and Joolz which are both sold in Mamas and Papas are also worth a look. The Skate is very heavy though.
SUZIE rock Posts: 21
i did go to Tony kealys and they were a great help, i think the quinny came out best...the onw think about the bugaboo i wasnt too sure of was the carrycot which turns into the buggy? you just us different material? they both cot nearly €1000 and can be more! but its the one thing i will spend my money on...can im sure ill us it alot!
Rocky Posts: 465
We have the Quinny, DD is now 10 mths and we use the buggy part with the Buzz base. When she was small we used the speedi cot in the base and it was so comfortable. we live in the country so the quinny is brillant for walking. if you live in the city, it probably isnt as useful when they get bigger as lighter buggy for the shops is handy too. would still recommend it 100% -love it!
Babybop. Posts: 592
I have the Quinny Buzz and find it great DD is only 1 month old and is in the Carrycot part still but this is great for when you go on walks and your babs falls asleep, you dont have to left them out and disturb them then.
honeybee Posts: 624
I just seen this post now, tbh i have the cameleon and although whilst its gorgeous and very smooth its such a waste of money it really annoys me loading it in and out of the car coz it doesnt fold in onew simple step.