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mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
So, I've finally decided after 13 years of smoking, it's time to stop. I've always said I'll stop when I want, not when people nagged me to :o0 Has anyone managed to do it? Did you just quit, or use anything to help? Not looking forward to the next few weeks, have zero willpower, and terrified of packing on weight! Anyone got any helpful hints for me? I'm already going to put my cigarette money in a jar and use it for treats, like shopping and sap days, anything else I could do? :thnk
Merrylegs Posts: 209
Well the very best of luck to you moobride..its not easy but if you stay focused you'll get there!! I gave up over 4 months ago, I've had 2 set backs but I refuse to fall back into the trap again...lifes too short and we all want to be here for a long atime and a good time:)! I just stopped smoking one day, was so fed up worrying about it constantly. I joined the gym too as I would easily put on wight. From the money saved I treat myself now and then to a new top or a night out with the girls...feels great have to say...It was easier for me to not make it a massive deal and just get on with it, but then everyone does it differently.. Hope it works out for you!! You can do it!!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
A friend of mine gave up smoking and her sister gave up at same time so they are spurring each other on. She also took up running - going out and walking a bit, running a bit and building it up. She was saying a while back that theres no way she'd be able to run if she was still smoking and that the fact that each day/week they are running more and more of the way is very satisfying. Also she said that going out running is stopping her sitting at home doing nothing and therefore wanting a cigarette. She has given up before and didn't stick to it because she wasn't ready to quit but this time she's determined and is doing it because she wants to not because she's under pressure from others.
Ellefun Posts: 1312
I gave up cold turkey last year. I lasted four months. My downfall was getting cocky and smoking at a friends wedding; thinking I could take or leave them. I'm not the kind of person who can have one or two. When I quit it has to be for good or I slide right back to square one. I'm currently trying to get up the motivation to give up for good this time. Best of luck!
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
Best of luck moobride!! You are doing the single best thing ever for your health. I quit 8 years ago after an 11 year love affair with them. It really is doable & myself & several frends have said that it was easier than we thought. Of course the first few weeks are weird but if you're anxious always remember the nasty craves pass after a few minutes. I was worried about packing on the lbs but i joined an aerobics class when i quit. It was so good! I would never have dared before as i would have coughed up a lung! Another bit of advice i would give is dont hide away from other smokers as in dont be afraid to socialise etc as you might see it as forbidden fruit if you stay in for ages etc. I avoided the pub for ages & then ventured out & after too many vinos i slipped up & smoked. I think i did it for the thrill more than the nicotine hit! :-8 Best of luck!! You will look & feel so great soon! Definitely treat yourself loads!! :wv
FastLane Posts: 252
Although at moment I'm smoking :duh: I have given up before and am now smoking maybe 6 a week.. but anyway one thing I found great was if I was sitting at home craving one, I'd go and paint my nails or put on hand cream or something, just to distract my hands and give me a chance to let the cravings pass! It's great doing exercise but you can't be doing things ALL the time, so something like that to distract you at home for a few mins is great! Good luck (my fitness improved so much and so quickly when I quit the heavy smoking!) O-O
happymumof2 Posts: 288
The very best of luck it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. I gave up using Champix I was very weary about them before, but I had tried everything else. I even went to the Alan Carr course and smoked nearly a whole packet on my way home :o( I couldn't believe how easy it was to give up, I had cravings but not bad, I don't know how they work but something just seamed to click and even though I craved them I just said to myself what am I going to get out of having a fag. A big motivation was also the money I saved can't believe what I used to spend a week on them. Best of luck :o)ll
the bees knees Posts: 755
The Very best of luck to you.. Its a tough decision to make and there will be days that wont be easy but if you have the willpower you can do it... If I can anyone can :) Off them since 1st week in January and its brill...Craving starting to lessen everyday. Saving alot of money. Roughly €70 per week... Have a pint of water if you get a craving,, Get out for a walk or run.... Also I find when im out a packet of NiQuitin Minis are great!!!!
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Good luck moobride. I gave up once I found out I was pregnant (weren't really trying but not doing anything to not get pregnant). My OH gave up a couple of months later and neither of us have had any lapses - that's both of us off them over a year. I went cold turkey but I just thought about the baby inside me so didn't struggle. My OH got the patches and had used them for a few days. Then he forgot to put one on and realised it on the way to work as he was passing the petrol station he would get the cigarettes in. He didn't go in and never put a patch on again. I found it hardest the first few weeks I was at home with baby - one day I went to the post office and if I had enough in my pocket for a pack I would have bought them. I am now back running and I find it so much easier and I'm a lot faster than I was when smoking. I knew smoking impacted it but didn't realise how much so.
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Allan Carr Easy way to quit smoking. Read it 7 years ago and haven't had one since. I carried the book around with me for 6 months just in case. You can do it!!!!!