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minnielulu Posts: 358
Not sure if any of you order from QVC but thought I'd share just in case anyone does. Have used them before and had no problems but last night I went on to order some make up. I have an account set up where it remembers all your payment and delivery details so I added my stuff to my cart and the price came to £26.10 & P&P but then when I entered my log in details and went to check out the price had gone up to over £27 & P&P >:o( I've tried it again this morning and tried a couple of different items just to see and it happens with them all, now I know its only just over a pound but it's the principle of it and it only happens when I put in my log in details, any other time I view the cart the price is correct so I don't know if they are bumping up the price because I'm in Ireland. I've emailed them anyway to find out what's going on but just thought I'd put it up here on the off chance anyone else is using the site or to see if anyone else has noticed this before with them?
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Dont shop with them but I would imagine postage to Ireland would be dearer. If you buy some thing on Ebay from the Uk you need to check Ireland postage with them because its always more
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
my mam shops with them for some of the craftmaking supplies, she gets screwed with the postage plus they charge vat on top of the price they quote, she only uses them as she cant get the stuff here in ireland
minnielulu Posts: 358
It's defo not the postage cos that's listed seperately, it's £3 something for P&P withing the UK and then for Ireland it goes up to £4 something which I suppose is fair enough I don't mind that so much but just never noticed that the actual price of the item went up because I'm outside the UK? I can't check my email till I get home anyway so don't know if they've come back to me to explain. Maybe it is VAT Princess Cinders...
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I shop with them sometimes too, especially for skincare products and make up. The VAT rate is different in Ireland so I've always thought that's why the price changed when I log in.