R rings really necessary for civil cermony?

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mrsdee Posts: 29
Do you "have to" to exchange rings for a civil cermony? We want to get married but I aint got the time to shop around for rings. We won't be getting engaged and I'd like a wedding ring with a stone in it. I don't want to rush things and get any old ring. I really want one that I love. I'd like to take my time and maybe in years to come if I see something I like I'll get it. I don't wear much jewellery, so I'd like to spend a bit on something really nice. Just don't have the time to look at the moment. Anyways, back to my point..............has anyone exchanged chains or something else as part of the wedding ceremony? instead of rings.
Italy07 Posts: 5409
We had a civil ceremony. We did exchange rings but that was what we wanted to do.
popple Posts: 1368
why dont you buy two silver bands to use for the wedding and then look around after for the one you love.
ozypozy Posts: 2950
i was a witness at a civil marriage a few weeks ago and the registrar asked if they had rings so it's not compulsory at all - depends on what you want to do.
hannahross Posts: 318
Rings are an optional extra at civil weddings as we were asked if we wanted to exchage them or not at our wedding.
CinnamonGirl Posts: 140
I don't think they are even required in a Catholic ceremony. A friend of mine choose not to have a wedding ring at all cos her engagement ring was so unusual and she didn't think another band beside it would look right. She may have it put on her during the ceremony as a "Wedding ring", I'm not sure.
Fiona13 Posts: 1366
[quote="hannahross":38iccxcc]Rings are an optional extra at civil weddings as we were asked if we wanted to exchage them or not at our wedding.[/quote:38iccxcc] That is interesting as I didnt know that, I am getting married in reg office and then having a blessing the day after, we can not exchange rings in the church we can just have them blessed, But i mightn exchange them in the reg office, I might just leave the ring part for the blessing.......
savvy Posts: 33
it's optional as far as i know. we'll be exchanging them but it's up to you really.
Mama2 Posts: 1230
Definitely optional. I was at a civil service recently where they weren't exchanged.
Mrs Jones Posts: 566
It's optional. We had a civil ceremony and had the choice whether to give rings or not. But maybe do what someone else said and get cheap rings for the ceremony then take the time to find a ring that you love.