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Carrie Bradshaw Posts: 683
Anyone following the trial of Joe O'Reilly? Isnt it horrendous, thats one jury i would not like to be on. Did he do it? My gut feeling is he did, but only time will tell.
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
I felt so sorry for her mother when I heard some of the evidence that she had to give yesterday about going into the house and finding her the poor woman. Still think it dodge when he said to the family after she was found that there would be rumors going around of him having an affair and stuff also think the letter he put into the coffin was extremely suss
sun flowers Posts: 3421
yeah following it my self and its brutal, the poor girl, whether the hubbie did it now is another thing, one girl pointed out on WOL isnt someone innocent until proven guilty, which I agree with but in this circumstance, he does have a motive, he was allegedly having an affair and there was a hefty life insurance policy. Only time will tell. Imagine the mother walking in and finding her though, that must have been unbearable.
sandy13 Posts: 939
I agree innocent until proven guilty but i have to say he is looking very guilty, i feel so sorry for her family and her 2 little boys, who ever it was may they rott in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HisWife Posts: 314
Was wondering if someone would post on this, I wondered was it appropriate as I have very strong feelings about this guy, mostly after I seen him on Late Late Show ( erm, lets just say he didn't strike me as a man whose wife had just been brutally murdered) and also the fact that Rachels mum couldn't even look at him throughout. I know a guy who was involved in the case, who says they know he did it, but can't prove it as there is no murder weapon, and Joe's DNA is all over the house anyway, and why wouldn't it be. It just doesn't stack up, the whold thing is very strange indeed. Also heard from the same guy that they were all involved in swinging!!. If he didn't directly kill her, he knows who did and how he can sleep at night is beyond me. Those poor kids.