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snowbear Posts: 2107
Father of a lady who had her baby delivered at 28 weeks because of swine flu on radio one now... edited to say over now but I'm sure it'll be on website... the woman had no underlying conitions but was so unwell that they did an emergency section at 28 weeks. She's in James' and the baby is in the Coombe. Both well thank God but thought it might be of interest given the level of discussion about the vaccine here... the father was in favour of the vaccine obviously
serenity Posts: 3675
Yeah it was very scary... Was in the Herald yesterday.. Actually there was a post on it yesterday too.... The thing that freaked me out was that she has no underlying condition. Thank god both she and the baby are okay.. the baby was born 2.5lbs but I think he is doing good... Just shows you...
Skippy Posts: 1834
Feck! That's a worry. Just don't know what to do now about it. Hope they are both ok, they must all have been so scared.