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aylala Posts: 3673
Just need to let off steam here, why do people think at 29 I am nearly old starting a family O:| O:| O:| The comments I've heard 'oh its great your that bit older' eh hello since when is your twenties old??? 'I want to be a young mother' Jebus they nearly have me collecting the OAP, it seems to bother everyone else more than it does me, but I just wanted to come on here to rant, the are numerous reasons its taken us until now to have our baby but still we are here now, leave me alone I AM NOT OLD :wv
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
29 too old :eek :eek What planet are these people on??!! God I'm 29 and think I'm too young!!! Try not to listen to them - i know it's hard especially when they are digging at you like that. But seriously, is the average age for first child not 30 or something like that anyway???
aylala Posts: 3673
Hurrah Its nice to find someone on the same page as me, I know I am probably taking things too personal anyway but still, I feel overwhelmed still at this age - leave us alone, there are plenty of people havng babies at 40+ it is the 21st century here
Salander Posts: 1639
i am 30 with 1st baby on the way and I don't consider myself old! all of the women in my antinaetel classes were at least 25+ and some nearer the 40 mark on their 1st child. You can't win with these people if you were any younger they would say you are too young and would you not wait!
flippersmrs Posts: 660
god ive the opposite problem. im 26 and people keep stressing at me saying how young i am to be having a baby. >:o( considering im married and have a good job whats the problem. i really dont think age comes into it at all. whatever age a person is thats their own business once they are happy. the age you are when having babaies doesnt mean you are going to be a better mother after all O:| everyone is individual!!! it doesnt help that ive a baby face and look like a teenager :-8 :-8 . aylala 29 is [b:3r93mjac]no way[/b:3r93mjac] old and take no notice of them horrible people. people just love to be rude and negative. O:| enjoy your preganancy and dont even consider those fuddy duddys with [b:3r93mjac]very starnge [/b:3r93mjac]opinions. :lvs
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm 28 and didn't feel old til last night. DH's friend told me I was no longer a hotty now, I'm a MILF - It hit me like a tonne of bricks then that I was getting SO old!!!! :o0
delgirl Posts: 1706
I think people who are going to comment will find something to comment about. I too was 26 when I was pregnant with ds and had just turned 27 (a week) when he was born. I was told I was only a baby myself. :eek I hope to conceive number two in Dec/Jan and hopefully all going to plan I will be 29 having second. That will be it for us and I like the idea of having had my family young and them being grown and independent when I retire (hopefully early).
Gingham Posts: 3014
im 28 and i still am trying to get my head around it...i would consider myself young ,all my sisters were well in their thirties having kids. Aylala 29 is young so dont mind those people...If you'd got pregnant when u were 21, they'd be whispering behind your back about you being too young. I hate the way people feel they can comment on all sorts to a pregnant lady...I often say to people, would you have said that to me if i wasn't pregnant....
aylala Posts: 3673
Great to hear all of your input to the age debate grils and nice to feel I'm not alone. I know in my heart I could not have coped with a baby at 21 and would of resented it and then I went through a tough time when a family member died which took me a few years to get over so now is totally the right time. I'm all for each to their own :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Aquafina Posts: 354
How bizarre! No way I would have thought that 29 was in anyway old. I'm 27 and consider myself young to be having a baby!