Rant about people's comments on my belly!

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Mama2b! Posts: 131
I know people think they have free reign on comments when you're pregnant but I'm sick of them all. I'm 18 wks and am about 1 stone heavier since becoming pregnant. It's all in the belly area and although i'm quite slim i've got a nicely rounded little tummy at the end of my belly. But the bloody comments, people make me feel like the Michelin man! My SIL exclaimed at the weekend that "Oh you're not even 5 months yet..you're very big..i didn't pop till i was 6 months" and it's comments like that. Even my mum who's the best in the world comments on how well i'm budding but i know that's just her being nice. But everybody else's comments saying how big i am are p*ssing me off bigtime!! I've started saying to them that every women is different and bodies respond to pregnancy differently. I just wish they'd talk to me about something other than my pregnancy, aaaaaaaaah! Sorry to rant!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I am afraid it goes with the territory women feel they have a right to comment on and touch the bump.. Its not meant with malice though *) I got irritated when I was expecting DD1 but after I had her when good friends were pg I started commenting on their bump, things like wow look at the bump you are really blooming that kind of thing..As I said its not meant to be hurtful but I guess its the only thing us women have in common and we feel a connection..does that make sense?? :wv www.hipbaby.ie
zoey Posts: 1574
I'm sorry but I'd say that it's part and parcel of being pregnant. Were you expecting people not to make any comment at all about your bump??? Or only say nice things like "Oh look how small your bump is" or "I was way bigger than you at that stage" I'd say you're just going to have to learn to grin and bear it because you've got another 22 weeks of it ahead of you :o0 :o0
Emme Posts: 4735
Yeah it's the way people find it acceptable to speak to you in such a personal way. Like asking was the baby planned? Did it take long to conceive etc, For some reason it's like you become public property! I don't mind people I know saying 'oh you have a bump' etc but sizing it and grabbing it is another matter! That said I've had two close friends grab it, one male one female and I didn't mind!
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Oh I am the same you just have to grin and bear it and to be honest I know I am huge :o0
Finished here Posts: 2860
I know how you feel, people have only just started asking me this week when i am due etc and its only the last two to three weeks the belly actually looks like a pg belly but one of my friends parnters keeps going on about how massive i am and am i sure its not going to be twins - he actually made me cry recently when i was at a wedding becuase he was saying it all day long (he didn't see that and id say it was also me being tired and hormones :-8 ) now the thing is that my doc in hospital says bump is perfect size and gp measured it last week and its measuring exactly right so i don't know what his problem is >:o( Now i have started saying well doc doesn't seem to be worried about size. Everyone else keeps telling me how neat i am and they can't believe how far gone i am - i still wear most of my own clothes so I wouldn't let peoples comments get to you cos they just seem to feel they have to say soemthing and bizarrely i think some people think that saying your big is either a complement to you or just makes them feel better about how big they were O:|
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Im the opposite, nearly 27 weeks and not one person has actually realised im pg yet (except that I tell them) then when I say how far long i am they laugh :o( Ive wanted to be pg my whole life and want the the whole world to know, im so proud of my little baby but im just soooooo tiny :o0
babybuttons Posts: 886
Emme Posts: 4735
In a pub recently I caught a man looking at my stomach to check was I pregnant - found this the most offensive and invasive thing of all. I let a roar at him :-8 >:o(
neeov Posts: 4256
I was upset when people were saying my bump was small (that changed really fast at about 30 weeks!!). either way you can't win. if they say too small then you worry that baby snot growing, too big and you think you are putting on too much weight. You need to ignore them, what do they know about your body anyhow.