RANT ALERT - So annoyed with the hubbie!!

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lush11 Posts: 2877
There was only a thread the other day about when your hubbie was giving up drink. Well mine is giving up drink for the month of June. Im due on the 26th June so i am 36 weeks pregnant. He went out yesterday with the lads at about 4 o clock and assured me he'd be home about 10. YEAH RIGHT!!! He crawled in last night and half one in an awful mess. I had text him twice - once at 10 to ask if he wanted me to collect him and then again at 12 to say sleep in the spare room as i was going to bed ( its not uncommon i'd ask this cos i'd be afraid he'd elbow me in the belly). No reply to either. Heard him come in and put the alarm on so presumed he was somewhat ok. He put on every light in the place and after me getting annoyed he started to get an attitude so I got up and went into the spare room. Not impressed might i add. So i woke up about 3 hearing a lot of fumbling around but tried to ignore it and thought he'd go back to bed but after about 10 minutes i got up to see what the hell was going on. Well girls, he had got sick everywhere and was trying to clean it up. He had blocked the toilet with all the tissue. New white towels were now being used. He couldnt stand or talk and at one point didnt even realise what happened. I was SO upset. Im f%&king 36 weeks pregnant. Whatever about coming home drunk but this was just ridiculous. Ive never seen him so bad. All i could think was if something happened and i had to go to hospital I had an incoherent animal that couldnt be taken out in public. He would have been more of a problem than anything else. I havent spoken to him all day other that when he tried to apologise and said it never happens and wont happen again and it was his last night out. Im fuming. It took 2 washes of the bed sheets to get out the sick and ive been on my hands and knees trying to disinfect the floor. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoyed and upset. Yeah, it nevers happens so does that make it ok???
lilybelle Posts: 424
first of all :xox :xox :xox my husband on the odd occassion has done this not when i was pregnant though. its not ok for him to do this but......forgive him pet don't get all consumed with this you'll only upset yourself. make it clear to him that this is not exceptable and that with the baby so close now does he really want to run the risk of missing out what will be the most wonderful experience of his life. but then draw a line under it and move on so that the two of you can enjoy these last few weeks of alone time before the baby arrives this should be a wonderful and exciting time for you :xox
lush11 Posts: 2877
Thanks Lilybelle. I will move on but perhaps not today. I have told him its unacceptable but he's not getting away that easy. He can wallow in his own self pity for a while. The good thing is he's feeling quite ashamed himself today so let him eat himself up first. What a twat? Seriously!
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
God yeah let him sweat for as long as you can :o0 Men are such gobshites. My OH has done this on many occasions (he's an idiot with drink on him and on the occasions he drinks, he often pukes). Not much you can do though- it was his choice to get in that state. Make him suffer. I find banishment to the spare room and hoovering around him if hes hungover very effective :o0
lush11 Posts: 2877
They really are such gobshites. Not only is the whole drunkeness not acceptable but the fact that he ignored 2 texts from me. Now he obviously didnt bother to check his phone or care whether i needed to get in contact or just blatantly ignored them. Oh, he said he spent the day looking for a florist to get flowers to which i replied 'what the f%^k are flowers going to do? Mask the smell of your puke?' NOT impressed at all. Is he going to be like this at the christening when all his stupid mates are there pouring drink into him.
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Hopefully he learned his lesson! Unfortunately my OH hasn't learned yet. But I suppose, he's still quite young so I live in hope! Have a bath or go to bed with a good book and enjoy some time to yourself. I know how consuming the anger can be so try to relax and ignore OH for the night! :action32
lush11 Posts: 2877
Thats exactly what i plan to do.
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Enjoy xxxxx
Tinytots Posts: 369
Ah Lush, I'm so sorry for you pet. That really was rotten of him to do, they are such selfish oafs at times!! O:| My mam always said that a baby does funny things to a man. He feels his freedom is going to be gone once babs arrives, god love him!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I do agree with OP who say let him suffer for now but then try to get over it. Just for your own sake. Thinking of you :xox
bombshell09 Posts: 92
Lush, sorry to hear your DH was such an eejit, unfortunately, they all are with more than a few pints on board. Mine has done this on a number of occasions except without puking...he never gets sick from drink and sometimes i think its worse cause then he doesn't know when to stop.... anyway, i've hit the roof several times at him for this reason but find the most effective thing to do after not speaking for a while is to say how dissapointed i am - this tends to trigger the right response and should definitely do so since you are due so soon and as Lilybelle pointed out he could end up missing out on the best experience of his and your lives. Hope you make up soon. best of luck! :)