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aston Posts: 4100
Lush, so sorry for you! I cant believe this happened. Feel so sorry for you. Know how mad you must feel. Try to unwind and relax cause you are 36 weeks preg and dont want any arrival for another 4 weeks! The main thing that would upset me is that he didnt reply to your texts. have a chat to him tomorrow. Am sure he will be very very sorry! enjoy relaxing this eve :wv
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
OH MEN... I know exactly how this feels. I agree with what lilybelle said and regarding the christnening, make your rules around that now while he is feeling so s*itty about himself, he wouldn't dare risk anything less than sobriety when the day comes... God one night we stayed in my Mam and Dads and my brother was still living there. We had been on a night out (I wasnt PG at the time), DH was locked and in the middle of the night instead of going to the bathroom, he went into my brothers room and started peeing into his wardrobe.... my brother was kinda disgusted but laughing, I was humiliated and was on my hands and knees the next day with the disinfectant :-8 :-8 Morto!
MrsDr Posts: 1316
Oh Lush you poor thing, I feel your pain :action32 My DH is defo one of them who drinks loads and pukes loads. Sometime he reminds me of a 17 year old out of the first time!! The day we went to pick up my engagement ring was the worst, we collected it and i dropped him off at the local pub so he could watch footie with his mates. I was thrilled with myself couldnt stop looking at the ring, that night he came home, puked all over the bed in his sleep. Off came the ring so I could a)wash sheets b) lug him off the bed and into the bathroom c) hose him down with great difficulty!! I was exactly the same on Sat morning (although no puking) I was extremely annoyed got myself major worked up, DH was actually a little scared that it might cause labour he kept telling me to lie down beside him and relax a bit :eek The thing that is annoying me (3 days later) is my DH said that its his last night out and maybe he went over board coz everyone is saying to him "make the most of it". Now Im delighted to be pg and having a little baby but I didnt get a count down, I stopped drinking as soon as I saw the BFP. Why should he get all these nights out in preparation!!? Think Im a little jealous too, my nights out consist of going to dinner with friends (home by 10), going to friends houses (home by 10), going out with DH (home by 10)!!
rosiemama Posts: 3363
at 3 in the morning when you got up you should have told him you were in labour - that would have sobered him up!! :o0 he probably just went a bit overboard if he seen it as his last night out in a while. my DH was in a state on Sat night as well (didn't see him until 3pm yesterday!), must have just been one of those weekends where everyone goes a bit mad. so i'd go easy on him. i'd make him stick to the no drinking in june though. i was due last January and my DH drank all over Christmas even though he said he wouldn't (no will power!), DS2 was born on 30th December which luckily just happened to be the one night that week that DH didn't have a drink! imagine it had of been the next day??
i want one Posts: 2893
i can see why u are annoyed id be fuming. maybe he was seeing it as his last night out for a while. men are just tools O:| O:| O:| O:| O:|
lush11 Posts: 2877
@ Rosie Mama - I dont think telling him i was in labour would have even sobered him up he was that bad. What a t!t... I was telling a colleague in work today and i have to say i was kinda laughing myself so over the MAD stage but still will not let on to him. Let him stew!! @ I want one - thats exacty why he was in such a state was because it was his last night out. Ah the poor divil.... NOT! Ive been off it for 9 months. @ MrsDr - i hear ya. We have similar men! What have we let ourselves in for. :yelrotflmaosmilie: He felt so ashamed yesterday though and i loved seeing him like that. Serves him right. He kept telling me that he'd make it up to me. Ah, How??? Anyway, i was fuming yesterday but im over it today (a little) so might go a bit easier on him later. Now, i said 'a bit easier'!!
i want one Posts: 2893
let him start by going off and buying u some new white towels. :o0 ah he'll be a well behaved husband for the month of june. :o0 take care :thnk