RANT - SIL christening on MY due date

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princesslala Posts: 90
Hi ladies...please let me let off some steam... I know that my baby may not arrive on said day in Sept but SIL who is a coniving one has chosen her babies christening on my due date! I live down south and they live up north and that means her parents will be there that weekend...its all just so convenient ...I am mad, could scream...but should really just resign myself to this is the way his family are..I get upset everytime and still try and think that maybe it wasn't on purpose...but come on ...his mum told me she was thinking of that day and I purposely did not react... its not fair on DH as this is his baby too and he wanted his mum and dad around..arghhhh Thanks for listening!
blissful2b Posts: 1555
i wouldn't stress about it. i'm sure your SIL and her hubbie didn't intentionally do it to annoy you. you could go 2 weeks before or 2 weeks over etc so thats a month there. I think sometimes we don't realise that other people aren't thinking about us if you know what i mean? they are busy with their own lives. just take a deep breath!
chicam Posts: 1169
May sound heartless but I'm one with a coniving SiL I don't get on with either and to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't go. Especially when as a SiL she is well aware of your due date & like you said, prob did it on purpose!!
workingmom Posts: 3429
I also have a coniving SIL, she is so jealous of other people, she always has to be the girl with the most cake and will do anything to pip someone to the post. TBH, unless you really NEED your in-laws around, I wouldn't be too unhappy about it, I know that I'd rather have no visitors at the hospital and let me get over the birth, but that is wishful thinking on my behalf. At least you know who you won't be asking to be godmother!
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Don't waste your valuable time thinking about this. Don't even give it space in your head. Your baby could come late or early. Anyway you don't need your DH's parents there on the day that the baby is born. I am sure they will only stay a day or so where the christening is on so at the worst and if your baby comes on the due date they will see it the day after. Its not worth stressing about. FP
delighted Posts: 258
I have a feeling that my SIL will do the same, her baby was born a few weeks ago and has already hinted that the christening will be at the end of September - which is around the time that i am due. I hope she doesn't expect either me or my hubby to attend as she lives over 3 hours away and i certainly will not be travelling if its around my due date....is that mean??
alton Posts: 3077
To be honest, I think that it is unlikely that she chose your date deliberately. If you are going to be upset at something, be upset at how thoughtless she is being, rather than how conniving she is. It is much easier for you to steal her thunder than for her to steal yours. If this was a soap opera you would only have assembled in the church when you would loudly and dramatically go into labour. Of course you would insist that all is fine and urge the ceremony to continue, only to interrupt it seconds later with another dramatic cry of pain and have to be rushed out of the church while most of her guests run around frantically fussing over you. >:o) On the other hand if you were to have your baby close to but before the date, you could INSIST, absolutely INSIST that the christening must be postponed because you just wouldn't miss it for anything. In fact you could even start to organise a joint-christening, which would be sooo much nicer. >:o) I'm only trying to give you a laugh because I'm sure you're not actually that wicked but if she is genuinely being manipulative in choosing this date, she's not really the cleverest person around, so I really wouldn't worry too much about it.
cbtb Posts: 413
Princesslayla, I'm sure she has picked a date that suits her rather than going out of her way to pick a date that doesn't suit you. There is a good chance one of my Sil's will have their christening around my due date and I couldn't care less, as long as my DH is with me. TBH your inlaws can't have the baby for you and the christening only takes up one day. You can't expect everyone to put their life on hold because you're having a baby. I know for you and DH is all you can think about but everyone else is just getting on with their lives. I'm sorry if this seems a little harsh but you have much more important things to think about. You and your baby don't need this stress so if you can manage it at all try to put it out of your mind and just focus on the wonderful time that is ahead for you and DH.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
In fairness, she's your SIL, so she has no excuse not to know your due date, or at least around the time you are due. By arranging the christening for around that time she is essentially exclusing you as, being realistic, you're not going to travel up north on your due date. THATS what I'd be mad about. I wouldnt worry about the absent in laws.... I wish my MIL would feck up north permenantly!! :eek But seriously, I dont mean to make you paranoid but she does sound mean. Just ignore it, if anyone asks you antthing about it just say you dont know as you're not going. Simple As!! Chin up mrs :thnk
baby peanut Posts: 810
It's hilarious, if it wasn't sooo sad really. Ignore it, and just think, people will probably be talking about your baby instead of hers that day seeing as you'll have already had it or be about to. That'll probably really grate on her. >:o) Funny thing is, things are heading that way with my SIL2b O:| I just posted in relationships about her yesterday!