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RJR Posts: 962
Anyone had any rashes since being PG? I've had one on my legs & chest for a couple of days. Feels a bit like nettle rash. I had loads of allergies when I was younger and had this rash from a few allergies, hoping it's something normal in pregnancy and not an allergy...
decmum Posts: 239
Heh there i had an abdominal rash and it spread to my legs. I had to get it tested immediately as it can be a result of stagnant liver function. Thankfully it was fine and the obs and midwives says its really common to get rashes in pregnancy. So check it out but id say its nothing! *)
theoracle Posts: 7664
Better have it checked out with your GP. The only rash I had in pregncny is heat rash, but then I knew it was heat rash because I was absolutely cooking and it went away when I cooled down (about 24 hours later). If it is a persisting rash, it is unlikely to be heat rash, so have a GP look at it. Good luck!