Raspberry leaf tablets on 2nd preg?

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Mischa10 Posts: 429
Hi I started taking raspberry leaf tablets on week 35 last time! Even though they didn't bring on labour which I knew they weren't supposed to! It was very quick and consistent! I went from 3 to 10 cm in about 1.5 hours and pushed for less than 20 mins! Midwife who helped to deliver my Ds said that the quick delivery was probably down to the raspberry leaf tablets. She said to wait until I get to 38 weeks next time! Has anyone any experience of taking the tablets on both pregnancies? Did the labour differ at all? Mx
mamam Posts: 724
Hi Mischa I used the tea on both pregnancies on my DS i started from 32 wks and went from 3-10cm in an Hour n half also midwife said the tea def helped, I started taking the tea at 34 weeks this time I said it to miwdife at appt yesterday and how quick my last labour was 4 hrs in total and she didnt say anything about it just said hopefully this labour will be as quick