raspberry leaf tea

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*coolaboola* Posts: 374
how many cups of RLT do you drink per day?
baby peanut Posts: 810
That's funny, I'm just having one :o0 I read the other day if you start around wk 36/37 with one cup a day and the next week 2 a day, then 3 a day etc. Supposedly it tones the uterus and makes labour easier, it doesn't necessarily bring labour on. You can get Raspberry leaf tablets as well if you want a proper dosage.
Tess72 Posts: 1173
I'm having 2 cups a day but I'm putting 2 tea bags into each cup so I'm sort of doubling the strength. Someone said their midwife recommended doing this - read it on one of these forums.
oneillj6 Posts: 463
Hi Guys, so would the tablets be better than the tea bag. I'd prefer this to be honest as I hate flavoured tea? Where can I get this?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'm taking the tablets cos don't drink an awful lot of tea anyway and hate the smell of herbal so really can't see myself drinking the tea! Not sure if they're as good or any better though! I got them in my local health shop!
_Arwen_ Posts: 252
Hi ladies, at what stage can you start drinking it? I read on a packet the other day that it's not recommended for early pregnancy. Just wondering when it's ok to drink.
baby-bel Posts: 929
I think you are not meant to drink it til the final 2 weks cos it can cause uterine contractions hence you wouldnt want those til babs is full term & you want to bring on labour