Ratheen woods athenry Galway....opinions please

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NoBigPuffyDress Posts: 6
Hi guys just wondering has anyone been to wedding at this hotel? Done the rounds bout Galway and cos I've been to weddings in few of them they didn't really appeal. Stumbled upon the raheen in at henry I love love the decor and the brightness of the place but don't know anything about the food. We had lunch there it was nice but would love some opinions on the place. If anyone has been there? Also some info on athenry and B&B taxis for people getting back to city and likes Thanks
miss shimmer Posts: 453
I don't know how much help this is, but we viewd this hotel when we were lookng at venues. We found all the staff we were in contact with to be very helpful and friendly. We also spoke to the wedding co-ordinator about the package and what we wanted and she said she wouldn't have any problem with adjusting the package, and we were rather awkward with what we wanted on our menu. The other thing I liked about the hotel was that it wasn't huge so if you had a lot of guests staying over you'd nearly have the whole hotel to yourself. We went with the Westwood but the Raheen Woods was one of our other favourites
rocj Posts: 799
we looked at the raheen woods for our wedding i loved the grounds around it and the entrance etc, I thought the function room was a bit small . To be honest the main thing that put us off was the manager we met with on the day. even though it was an appoinment during the week we felt that she rushed us and was very rude. We found her very unhelpful it was a pity as I had really liked it. she put me right off having our wedding there,normally hubby would not take notice of things like this but he said after too that he felt like an inconvience there. The only thing i would thing about if the majority of your guests were from the city would it be very expensive on taxis for them or what could happen if they didnt want to leave the car there they may not drink and leave the party early. good luck with the search. :wv
NoBigPuffyDress Posts: 6
Thanks girl for the advice.have to say we found them very helpful especially the owner but we would just like to gear some opinions on the food and that they can perform on the day...it seems to be only thing holding us back on it
rocj Posts: 799
Hi only had bar food so cant comment on the food for the functions. The bar food we had was lovely. My friend was at a wedding a few months ago there so I can ask her for you and give you a pm if you would like. It will be during the week before Im taking to her as she is on holidays.