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09bridetobe Posts: 218
I'm just wondering are there any Rathsallagh brides or anyone have any recent reviews? I went to see it last week and fell in love with it so would love to hear any opinions.
archibald Posts: 46
Hiya, I was at a wedding at Rathsallagh House last Thursday. It was my first time there, it was amazing. The service, the gardens and especially the food could not fault it in anyway. Best of look with your wedding plans O-O
caspy Posts: 56
Hi i was at a wedding there in june, thought it was lovely, food was yum, its a very homely warm venue, the day we were there it lashed but id say its even more breathtaking with some nice weather
Confused mama 2 b Posts: 26
Hi We are getting married in Rahtsallagh too............cant wait have heard nothing but good reports My BM is going to a wedding there next month so should have more info on it then............
09bridetobe Posts: 218
Brilliant :o)ll I'm delighted to hear from another Rathsallagh bride!!! You'll have to keep me posted on the wedding next month! Have heard nothing but good about it too and loved it when we were there.
Confused mama 2 b Posts: 26
As you will c from the ticker less than a year to go so really looking forward to it...................when are you getting married? H2H chose the venue he was at a wedding there and just loved it!!! I would love to see the place set up for a wedding but as they only do week day weddings this is proving a little difficult Hope you dont mind me asking but did you try and bargain them down on anything? We agreed to everything, and since I have got addicted to WOL I see some other wollies have asked and suceeded in getting reductions on the price of things
09bridetobe Posts: 218
No we agreed to everything too! I got the impression that they were non negotiable. But foolishly never tried either :-8 I'm next June and when I was booking there were only 3 fridays available next summer so I wasn't really in the position to bargain! Did people say they bargained with Rathsallagh or just other hotels? I will maybe try it when it comes to wines etc. What I did like was the fact they were honest about things like canapes and evening food and said to get enough for only about 1/2 the no of guests as they are big portions. Would love to see it set up too, will have to arrange for a day off!