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Roxanne Posts: 3201
I think we have rats under out kitchen floor. And I am FREAKING OUT. Background - we had them 2012 when our joined on neighbours put a huge extension on to their house, then fell out with the builders half way, and left the wall cavities exposed for for several months. As soon as they put in their doors and windows, the problem went away. They were under our kitchen floor and we could hear them scratching and moving. Rentokill had a look and confirmed it. Put down a heap of poison, and electronic sonar thingies, under the floor. It went on for about six months in total. I was just at the stage where I was beginning to relax again. Then last night I thought I heard them again. Could have been next door banging about (we're terraced) but DH heard it too. And if they are back, the thing is, we have no idea how they got in this time. I have been a ball of tension ever since and am starting to fear that this will never go away, that it's part and parcel of where we live, which is by the sea, with a lot of variation in levels creating lots of nooks and crannies. I KNOW people have much bigger problems than this. I KNOW rats are a lot smaller than me and that they can't actually get into the house, or so Rentokill said after an inspection. But I am sick at the thoughts. I am afraid I will never be able to enjoy our lovely home. I want to be philosophical about this and practical too, but it is occupying most of my waking moments. Please talk me out of this. We may not even have them. It's driving me crazy. If anyone has any reassurances, wisdom, or sure-fire rat ridding techniques, I would be so, so grateful.
harriet Posts: 122
Hey, yes people have bigger problems but I think most people would understand why you're freaking out! I'd freak out...I did freak out! We got a few hanging around the first winter we moved into our new house and I went mental and we got a cat/assassin and that was the end of that. I know some people hate cats, I happen to like them but even so the peace of mind she and her baby assassins bring is great. Think it's cat wee that rats don't like and so they just don't hang out where there are cats. Thats my solution anyway!
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Thanks Harriet, good to hear from someone who understands. DH would love to get a cat, he's mad about them, but I have asthma so I'm a bit wary! But now you've got me wondering where I might source large quantities of cat wee...
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
I'm convinced we had them in the walls of an apartment and got the sonar plug in and it worked. But with those you use for a few weeks and then need to unplug for a few as they can get used to the noise. Could you get an outdoor only cat and maybe gave a little hut it could sleep in outside?
harriet Posts: 122
We have an outdoor cat, much as I like them I couldn't have her in with the kids especially when they were little. Anyway, she lives in the height of luxury outside, nice wooden box lined with foam and bubble wrap and her bed in the middle of it and a litter box underneath it. Huge peace of mind for us to have her there.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I hate cats but I'd have an outdoor only rat catching cat rather than rats. Most farm yards keep a ratter for this reason. Change the settings or turn on and off the sonar yokes so they don't get used to the noise.
babybambino Posts: 940
God you poor thing, I'd be competently freaked by that. Is it possible that you're so on edge that you're imagining the noises? That's probably wishful thinking, the cat is a good idea but I would also call rentokil again and get them to have a look around to see where they're getting in.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Thanks for all the replies. I wish I could say it was all in my mind, but the noises are irrefutable at this stage. We had Rentokill in yesterday to lay poison and they confirmed it. Getting a cat isn't really an option at this point - although I am very interested to see that most people recommended that. All we can do now is try to find out where they are getting in. We are in the west and the storms have hit our area badly so I am wondering if something got dislodged in the wind or flooding. We have a builder friend who is really good at this kind of thing coming on Monday to look the house over and have a chat, so I am crossing everything that he will have some great wisdom to impart. In the meantime, I am plugged into my iPad, watching film with the headphones on, just so I don't have to hear them!
tobebride Posts: 184
You poor thing.... No advice but thinking of you!