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BusyMom Posts: 717
FYI girls... Fascinating discussion with couples who have been through the IVF/IUI process with varying degrees of success on at the moment on Today FM. I'm sure they'll podcast it for any of you who are at work & can't listen.
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
My mam came up to me today and told me when she got here she had listened to it in the car. She had little tears in her eyes. I'm sure it reminded her of all I went thru( I had iui). She said the women were great that they shared there funny stories ect. I must look up how I can listen to that myself... Would u just go onto there web site??
katiemomma Posts: 2690
I had just had my 8 wk scan at the fertility clinic and was driving home listening to this. It reminded me of everything I have been through even though I had IUI and not IVF. I was laughing, crying andmy heart was aching. It just hit home so much. I feel normal now hearing people talking about it so openly. They said it will be on podcast. So I presume go on to todayfm website and find ray darcy section. Really Good to listen to.
BusyMom Posts: 717
It usually takes them a day or so to get the podcasts up online but if I hear them mention it on tomorrow's show, I'll let you know. I found the interviews inspirational and makes me feel so fortunate to not have to go through what those couples did. Another thing I'd hope from the interview is that people would think twice before the stupid "isn't it about time for you??" or "wouldn't xyz love a little brother or sister?" questions that people throw about so often?
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
I just mentioned this to my hubbie this eve - I just heard the first girl and not even her full interview and was glad actually Fhat I missed the rest of the interviews as was in tears! Couldn't help but think of a couple of ladies on my due month thread who may have gone through the same and obviously are successful now but may have gone through the same devastating journey! And of course there are more beside - the first girl was the one who had 4 goes and no success yet so my heart just went out to her! I agree with another poster about throw away remarks People make - and maybe I have even made - that might be so hurtful and unthinking where a couple are having problems! Made me think twice - must check out the podcast
BusyMom Posts: 717
Podcast is up online now. Go to the today fm website ([url:whotaup0]http://www.todayfm.com[/url:whotaup0]) and click on Podcasts Media Player up on the top of the page. The media player launches as a pop up, with a list of shows. Choose Ray D'Arcy and it's currently the top option (called IVF on the Ray D'Arcy show) Worth a listen!