RDS Wedding Show - September

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manxmrs Posts: 850
I am going to drag (he wants to go really!) H2B to RDS Wedding Show in a few weeks >:o) http://www.wed.ie/index.html Has anyone been to these before, and are they very good? Thanks :wv
ccmar2010 Posts: 123
I haven't been to it before but thanks for posting I think I'll check it out too!
Goodfellas Posts: 979
We regularly take a stand at it, and its a great place for couples to see a geansai load of suppliers together and come away with some ideas. There can be an air of "hard sell" to some of the exhibitors, but its light hearted enough and I'm sure you'll be well able for them. We sometimes get 2 or 3 free passes, and if we've any spares, I'll send a couple on to you. Just PM me your address. Regards Michael
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I went to the RDS wedding fair in Jan, there were loads of stalls and choices, I thought it was good, gave me loads of things to think about. I went with my sis and Mam but am hoping to go in Sept and bring H2B and try to get some good deals, he's great for the ould hagglin!!!
Maria1983 Posts: 390
Thank you so much for posting it! We'll definitely try to get there.
manxmrs Posts: 850
Thanks for the replies. I'd be afraid i'd get loads of bits at it on impulse, then regret it, as I love all things weddingy :o0 Hopefully get ideas for our reception decor/flowers etc, as not made any decisions yet on these. Will also bring my CBM along too with H2B - don't know if many blokes go to these things, but he seems keen to get involved. :o)ll :o)ll
TickledPink Posts: 338
H2B and one of my BM went last year (I was away) and they reported back that it was not great. I think that it depends on what stage of the planning you are at becasue when they went we had a fair bit done already. They said that it was about 80% hotels and a dodgy fashion show. Being a bride I may have feltt it was better because I might have gotten a buzz from being in a place where everything is about weddings. Maybe this year will be better.
Goodfellas Posts: 979
The women we see there almost always get more out of it than the lads - generally speaking, now. and you don't have to buy anything, but some vendors will offer deals which they say only count on that day. Who's to say if they wouldn't give the same deal later if you ring up and haggle hard? Maybe some will, and some won't. Either way, you won't know til you go yourself. By the way, two free passes on their way to you manxbride! No excuse now! :wv
rosiedays Posts: 245
We'll be there at the RosieDays stand be sure to come by and say hello :) There will be samples of our work and we'll be delighted to talk wedding flowers to all that drop by. Also offering a discount for bookings made on the day, special offers and a surprise gift for bookings made on the day as it's our first fair !! Sinéad & Lorraine
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
H2B and I went last Sept., we found our videographer and a vintage mini bus for the bridal party. Blacktie were there too and they gave us a 10% discount for when we book the suits. it's probably more suited to people who live around Dub though as loads of the suppliers are from around that area. I did enjoy it for the buzz and the excitement. the fashio show was entertaining - it was 'Abba' themed so loads of Mama Mia type music and 'acting'...very amusing and fun to watch.