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SpanishBridey Posts: 105
Hi All, Myself and fiance have just bougt a house outside Carrick-On-Shannon, after 2 yrs talking about it we decided to bite the bullet and just do it, and we both fell in love with the house immediatley(sp)...But now reality has set in ,,,my fiance is self-employed so he is not quite under pressue as me to get a new job, but it will take time to get re-established down there,,but I have tried to find Employment Agencies based there and I cannot find any.. Basically I'm asking for some advice , does anybody know of a good agency, at the moment I work in marketing, but open to anything... Any pointers much appreciated.. Thanks
clucky Posts: 26471
MBNA head quarters are there they are always looking for staff would you try there?
Rhiannon Posts: 50
Ouch! Leitrim is a fab place but your choices in terms of employment are extremely limited. You need to keep an eye on localpapers mostly, unless something unusual comes up, I would imagine your options are MBNA or the County council/Civil service in Leitrim/Longford/Roscommon. Good luck with your move.
clucky Posts: 26471
Its a 45 minute drive to Mullingar you can come and work with me
sue06 Posts: 206
Welcome to the North West MARTINA1, Here's a link to Collins McNicholas recruitment agency. They've got an office in Sligo. Just keep an eye on local papers - Leitrim Observer, Sligo Champion, Roscommon Hearld hth Sue
mrs Posts: 673
What professions are ye interested in??
SpanishBridey Posts: 105
Hi Lucky, I might just take you up on that, Thanks for the suggestions, I've kinda realised that I probably will have to leave the marketing field and go into more administrative work, which is dissapointing for me as I do love my job, but I have to look at the "bigger" picture, and realise a compromise will have to be made...and to make it worse I'm a worrier and my fiance is "sure it will all work out" type of person...which can be good at times... But fingers crossed, I'll just have to concentrate on recruitment websites instead of WOL, which won't be as much fun!!!!
clucky Posts: 26471
I am sure mbna have a marketing department
MrsMac Posts: 227
Hi Martina, welcome to the NW! I relocated 3 yrs ago to Leitrim. h2b is from here. I have PM'd you in case I can be of any help.
mrs Posts: 673
Did you check the jobs on, also the website is quite good at jobs in that area. There is a recruitment agency in Boyle called FRS as far as I know and they are good. I hope you are gettin the Leitrim Observer too, there are quite a few jobs in it this week. Give us an idea of what both you and H2B are interested in working at and we'll scout for ya!