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purple Posts: 108
Has anyone returned a cosmetic to BT if they had a reaction to it? At the weekend, I got what was supposed to be a moisturiser for sensitive, very dry skin and my skin was burning after it! (I looked just like this :oops: ) I went to my beautician a couple of days later and she had to use a cooling mask to soothe it. I sometimes do get reactions to products, especially toners but nothing like this! The thing is, I told the girl on the cosmetics counter that my skin was very dry and sensitive and that I had a reaction to another product in their range. She said this was because this product was too greasy and recommended another super-duper hydrating moisturiser that was light to the touch. It came in a set, so for an extra €5 I got an additional two products (which I have used without reaction). I got a choice of free gift and she recommended which one I take. When I got home I discovered it was for oily skin! I'm a bit peeved that I was seduced by the packaging and free gift but I'm annoyed that she recommended something that isn't for sensitive skins. Has anyone successfully returned a cosmetic product they were unhappy with? Any tips or advice? PS: "CONTAINS OXYBENZONE" is written on the bottle. Just checked the internet and this is associated with allergic contact dermatitis reactions.
IroSF Posts: 79
thats a bummer isnt it esp when you pay so much!! i would def return it & point out that she assured you it was not harsh etc - i know its different here in usa but i've often returned cosmetics (like foundation) to dept stores & not because they were defective but that they didn't look as nice etc so when you have a valid reason such as it tears the skin off you i would def go back!! better still go in with your face in its flaming state & she'll be so scared you'll sue she might give you more freebies :wink:
ingrid Posts: 13
yeah you sure need to bring that product back honestly if one range of a brand don't agree with you don't buy any of it. the sales consultant was obviously dumb to let you buy it, you really should patch test products behind your ears and if you take a reaction and if you do you can't see it. all good brands will be happy to let you test them. :lol:
Gerbera Posts: 539
Definitely bring it back. I have friends who work in there and they rely on people's reactions to the products for feedback to the company, that's why they have a good exchange policy (or even refund!). They then have to report the reaction to the company's head office so that it's taken into account when marketing it etc! Anyway, if nothing else you're entitled to bring it back, it's not doing what you paid big money to have done!!
Mrs Roma 365 Posts: 212
You should definitely bring back the products - particularly as she recommended it specifically. Can't believe she gave you the free product for "oily skin" - was she listening to you at all??!! :roll:
star bright Posts: 14
I think what you should do is use Emuluve moistoriser as there is noting in it for you to get a reaction to it. It is very soft and gentle on the skin..