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western Posts: 65
I posted a couple of time previously about when is the right time to have a baby and not knowing whether i feel ready. so I put things off for a few months and I can say it was the right decision for me. We have decided to go for it in the new year and I can hardly wait now (just waiting to finish out pill packet) so I presume I did the right thing by waiting until I felt comfortable about the whole thing. I am so aware of all that can go wrong and the roller coaster that this will be. anyway i've been reading this forum for a few months now and I think the problems people have with miscarriage or ttc in the first place have helped me realise what a precious time it is. Thanks.
charlie crown Posts: 377
Welcome aboard western, best of luck in 2007!
Double Trouble Posts: 915
Hi western, best of luck in 2007!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
best of luck western :babydust: :babydust:
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Welcome aboard!! Wishing you loads of luck and fun TTCing in the new year. I will be too so hope we get BFPs before too long!
western Posts: 65
Thanks for the good wishes girls, I'm going to try to keep a relaxed attitude about it and not worry about temps or charts etc (easier said than done). I tend to read too much on the internet about any little ailment as it is so I've made a promise that I'll just try to take things as they come (and perhaps just look at this forum!) Best of luck to all you girls as well.