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Babyboomerang Posts: 543
There have been a few threads here recently about preparing formula and the ready made version has also been mentioned. It got me thinking about the processes involved and so I thought I'd email SMA and ask them how they make it and what the difference is between the ready made and powder formula is. In fairness, I got a full detailed reply from them, here's the email I got: Thank you for contacting the SMA Careline. Firstly, we would like to reassure you that both products fully comply with all UK Infant Formula Regulations for the composition of infant formulas. SMA powder and Ready to Use formulations are designed to provide the same nutritional content. However, due to differences in the manufacturing process, the Ready to Use products do have a slightly different taste, colour and appearance to the made up powder products. All ingredients as listed on the label are measured out and mixed together as a liquid as per our master formula. This mixture is then filtered, heat treated and homogenised to give a liquid mix. For our liquid products, this mix is heat sterilised by Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and sealed into either cartons or bottles. For our powder products, the mix is HTST heat treated (High Temperature, Short Time), spray dried and then packed and sealed into cans. Storage times will vary depending on the product. The UHT process which the ready to use formula is subjected to means that the product is sterile before opening. It is important to follow good hygiene practices when making up infant formula and you should always prepare the milk in accordance with instructions on the specific pack of infant formula that you feed your baby. I hope you find this information suitable for your needs but should you have any further questions please feel free to contact the SMA Careline again.
Dr of love Posts: 425
Really helpful info, thanks OP. I had been wondering about this. Going to do everything humanly possible to avoid using formula, I'm sure it doesn't do any damage to babies but I don't eat anything readymade/manufactured where possible so want to avoid for baby too. HOWEVER, if I'm stuck and bawling my eyes out because I'm worried baby isn't getting enough food, I had been planning to have a few of those readymade bottles (with disposable teats included) ready to go so I dont even have to read the back of the tin while baby is screaming in my ear!