Real gentlebirth stories! Short accounts.

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lush11 Posts: 2877
I invested in the gentlebirth cds there lately. I have listened to them a few times already and they really do relax me but would love to hear some REAL birth stories after using them. Did they help? (esp on a first birth)
marles Posts: 1397
Why not try the search function or even post in Mothers and kids.
rouged Posts: 121
There are lots of gentlebirth stories in the Gentlebirth sticky up the top of the page. I am using CDs as well, feeling quite relaxed about the birth at this stage so hopefully they are working!!
Bikki Posts: 199
I used the gentle birth cds from about week 15 in my pregnancy, only really listened to track 3 on cd1. I only listened to it every so often at first but from about week 32 I really tried to listen to it every day. I went into labour (first pregnancy) on tuesday night/wed morning, and my entire labour lasted only 5 hours and I definitely think some of it had to be down to the gentle birthing cds. My water broke at 4.15 am as I was getting up to go to the toilet, I then had a contraction at 4.30 and after that they came every 3 minutes but I didn't panic at all. Myself and DH got up, rang the hoapital, they said come in. So we pottered around the house, I had to finish packing my bag (I was 3 weeks early) and I did a few jobs too, just stopping to breath through each contraction. We left for the hospital at about 5.45, my contractions were 1-2 minutes apart at this stage, but still there was no panic. The car journey was a bit uncomforatble but I just kept breathing through the pain. We arrived at the hospital at 6 and I was checked and to my utter shock and amazement I was 8-9 cms dilated and was wisked off to the labour ward, still not really believing I was in fully established labour! In the delivery ward I got gas and air and sat on a ball, and was ready to push at 7.30. At this stage I panicked a little bit as it was all happening so fast but the midwives were fantastic, I was pushing for nearly 2 hours but baby's heart rate stayed fine the whole time so they let me continue, she was born at 9.29 using just gas and air and I only had a small tear, the midwife said it was more like a graze though!! I have no doubt that listening to the gentle birth cds helped me so much, and it was the reason I had such a quick labour! HTH, love2Bamum :wv
lush11 Posts: 2877
Hey, great story. I havent really gotten into listening to it every day. I still have loads of time but hoping i get the motivation to actually stop cleaning the house and sit down and listen to the feckin things. Just a quick question though, did you not have time to get an epidural?
RJR Posts: 962
I used hypnobirthing (not Gentlebirth but same kind of thing) on both my pregnancies, 1st time I went through active labour in about 45 minutes, and DD's head was crowning when I got to hospital, second time I had a homebirth and it was a similar length of time for active labor. I did get contractions before active labour kicked in (every 3 minutes from the start) so I had a bit of warning, it wasn't just 45 minutes from first twinge to baby! No drugs at all on either. Both very relaxed, great experiences and I completely attribute that to the hypno.
Bikki Posts: 199
Don't think I would have had time for an epidural but I didn't want one anyway so it wasn't discussed.