Realistic Weight Loss

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ms crooner Posts: 621
Girls Starting from today (Mondays don't work for me :eek I am starting a new health and fitness kick, to lose the unwanted pounds I have put on I joined a gym not too long ago and took a 6 week break :duh: I plan on doing the following classes: Tues - Zumba Wed - ABT Thur - 1.5 hr workout Fri - 1. hr workout Sat - Bodypump Sun - Pilates Mon - Day of rest :o0 I am cutting out White bread, cheese, white rice, and pasta and the old dreaded alcohol Realistically how much weight should I be aiming to lose by the end of July or is there something more I should be doing Thanks Girls, advice always appreciated
Mari yay Posts: 4045
A goal of 1-2lbs per week is realistic, but you have an awful hectic schedule planned, don't do too much or you will burn yourself out!!