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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hey ladies.....i thought I'd ask this question as silly as its sounds. Baby is really active....I mean REALLY ACTIVE! I feel movements almost all day every day and whilst its good to know baby is happy in there it got me thinking if it will be the same when baby is born? I mean will i have a hyper one on my hands? :o0 Hubby keeps saying were gonna have our hands full if the baby is constantly wrigglig, kicking and punching but it got me thinking if that will be the case?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
My dd was the very same when I was pregnant with her! She was so active - you know they say to count 10 movements a day or something - well I would have had that in about 5 seconds loads of times a day! She was very active then from the minute she was born, all the nurses/docs etc commented on how active she was/is! She's always on the go, she started crawling at 7 and a half months and is also able to stand so I'd give her another month and she will probably be walking!!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have had very active babies in the belly (and this current one is too), but they are all really chilled out in 'real' life, so your answer is ..... 'maybe' :o0
refchick Posts: 122
Oh God Foxylockz this is me too! I mean it never stops if i get 5/10 mins i'd be surprised and its not kicks its rolls and wriggles the ones when your whole tummy moves shape. When I lay down in bed at night it gets worse I spend the whole time going eeee ohhh that hurts :o0 I thought my DS was active until I got this one in my belly :) he kicked alot but its the wriggles that get me! Hopefully it means they'll be tried out when they're born and be very chilled babies
mamajen Posts: 2263
I'm the same, DH keeps saying to me "is there such thing as a too active baby" lol!
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
I'm the same refchick....i would be really quiet watching the telly or something then i'd let our a big roar AH FFS or HOLY CRAP cause id be getting a full force kick into the ribs or my back....i plead with my stomach before i go to sleep to calm dowm and give me 5 mins but in true fashion, baby doesn't listen.
DM09 Posts: 261
DS was very active before he was born, constantly moving and as you have said, I could count the 10 movements before you got out of bed in the morning. He continued to be very active after birth and now is a crazy two and a half year old. He is a pleasant boy but is just on the go all of the time and needs very little sleep compared to others of his age. On the plus side, he rarely cries wheven when he falls and is a tough boy. But I am sure there is no rule of thumb.
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
aw i really miss being pregnant....used to love feeling the kicks & rolls :xox
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Foxy, i'm the same, this child has been battering the bejaysus out of me for the last week. My entire torso is moving constantly, it looks like something from an alien movie. DD was fairly active before she was born and she's still always on the go, but she has a very placid personality, so I'll happily take another one of those please!
little squishy Posts: 559
I'm exactly the same! I have a kick counter on my phone and had ten kicks in the first min. I can actually feel it's feet rub across my hand when I rest it between the middle of my ribs, it's amazing. Every time we get a scan with consultant baby never stops hopping about, he even commented "we were going to have our hands full!" it took him nearly ten min to try and get the leg. my ribs on my right side are killing me! But as you said, it's very reassuring.