really considering a European Honeymoon, any suggestions?

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windycity Posts: 2241
The more I think of flights, vaccinations and cost, the more Im considering doing something varied and nice in Europe... France, Sicily, Italy... anyone do this?? :o)ll
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
There are some all inclusive resorts in Europe - if you want the all inclusive price. Check out the following hotel group:
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Im having a week in the Radisson in Georges Bay in Malta, really looking forward to it have done a bit of research on the net and seems like a really nice place. It will probably rain!
shiversmoy Posts: 635
We're planning on going to Italy...flying to Sorrento and then train to Rome and flying from Rome to Sicily and then home..thats the plan at the moment but have yet to book it :-8
hectic Posts: 528
I think we're going to book Capo La Gala hotel in Sorrento, Italy. Topflight do should check it's gorgeous!
windycity Posts: 2241
thanks girls, going to cheack all of these out now... :thnk :thnk
MrsMcD Posts: 428
H2B and I are going to Rome for 6 nights and on to sorrento to stay in a fab 5 star for 7 nights. cant wait, we have the roman grotto suite for the first 2 nights of our stay :o)ll
rainyday Posts: 609
Would definitely recommend Croatia. It's lovely, if you don't mind a lack of sandy beaches (which didn't bother us). Dubrovnik is fantastic. An ex-colleague went to Sorrento on her HM. They just wanted to relax after the wedding and not have to face any long-haul flights. They probably didn't save any money, but spent the money they would have spent on flights staying in a fabulous hotel and getting spa treatments etc.