Really disappointed with wedding photos...... be warned

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goldie2 Posts: 76
hi all just got my first draft of wedding photos from photographer and i am really disappointed with them... now dont get me wrong i know you cant make an ugly duckling pretty but these photos are very uncomfortable looking.. there isnt one nice photo of either families... in them there is a gap between each person, and evryone is standing really awkardly... in some photos my halterneck strap has become undone and is very noticable... We are paying €2800 for 56 photos and this guy is suppose to be one of the top photographers in the country.... We had specifically asked for comfortable and casual photos and some in black and white but got not one in black and white.... do you think we should complain or just leave it be.... by the way got some fab ones from guests and will def be putting them in frames but not one from photographer
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I feel so sorry for you. I would speak to him. Ask to see the proof sheet and see if there are nicer ones you can pick out yourself. Good Luck.
fizzy Posts: 113
who was your photogapher?
mrsandmr Posts: 366
I would definitely talk to him about them esp the black and white as he can convert any photos to b&w if he used digital.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Go back to him and voice your concerns/ They are a valid complaint and I bet there is something they can do
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
i would definately say it to him...that is an awful lot of money to be spending on a service you are not happy with.
BigDay08 Posts: 514
We got engagement photos taken, they were all in colour but we were told we could get any of them printed in black & white or in sepia as we wished. Maybe this is the case with yours? Very disappointing though, they're not exactly cheap and they are the one part of the day that you have to live with forever, i'd definitely be telling him that i'm not a happy camper if i was in your position >:o(
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
I would [b:20nikqxt]definitely[/b:20nikqxt] explain your feeling of disappointment to him and [b:20nikqxt]insist[/b:20nikqxt] on seeing all the contact sheets. Can you find out how many shots he/she took? If you are expecting 56 good photos he/she would have needed to take well over 1000+ shots - please note no offence intended here (!) it's just a well known statistical/ratio fact when it comes to photography. Were they digital shots or film? If they were the former they can be turned B/W very easily. Personally I wouldn't highlight issues like "everyone standing really awkwardly" - as you have to understand he/she - as the photographer, can only instruct the subjects so much, they may be the photographer but not in essence a 'stylist' - if you understand what I mean? There's a lot that can be done with photoshop in regards to altering unhinged dress traps etc. so in order to up your chances of success and being treated fairly, don't focus on that if you want any form of compensation from this - focus on their bad sense of composition and lack of attention to general detail - as what would be expected from a wedding photographer of their 'standing and price'.. If you want any help in retouching dept. - pm me I am a photoshop wizz and can offer you some help/advice etc... Stick to your guns though and demand to see all the photos taken. You are paying too much to not get good results.
goldie2 Posts: 76
bucketofchips you are right on editing etc but i just felt for the amount of money we are paying a photographer bearing in mind that he was more expensive than any other single item in the wedding bar the dress of course, that he should be able to see when someone is slouching or when clothes etc need to have a little adjustments.. other wise what are we paying so much money for... i wasnt expecting each photo to be fab but he only took aboout 3 of each familiy ones and i wouldnt want any in album.... plus the fact he was quiet rude on the day in relation to other guests taking photos and us sticking to his time scale. O:| sorry think i am just having a rant.... maybe when they are in album they will be ok.
TickledPink Posts: 338
Goldie2 - that is awful for you. I hope they can do something to rectify it with photo-shop ect. I would definitely complain though, maybe put pen to paper and write down exactly what it is that you are unhappy with - even if you do not give the photographer your letter, it will at least help you to clarify what it is you dont like, so as when the time comes to talk about it, you can articulate it, even if you get a bit emotional about it! Remember - you have paid for a professional service and that was not delivered (either in the final product or in the photographers demeanor on the day). Good luck!