Really faint second pink line??????

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TheBigDay Posts: 651
My period is not very regular, usually every 28 to 36 ish days. So I think my period is a couple of days late, if I use the 28 day cycle as a guideline. I used the first response preg test this morning and after about 8 - 12 minutes I got a [b:2zk90pgj]very[/b:2zk90pgj] faint second pink line. Did anyone else get this result... and what does it mean? I am trying to not get my hopes up. I know I should just hold off and do another one in another few days I guess. But I can't wait to know for sure.
Cowslip Posts: 761
Ohhh, I didn't want to read and not reply to you... But the result is normally up in a couple of minutes, if it took 12, I'm not sure how valid it is...sorry Try and wait another few days and try again if af doesn't turn up...
Cowslip Posts: 761
PS, I know the waiting is awful..I'm with you at the moment....
lin Posts: 107
You could always try the digital pregnant/not pregnant home testing kit. My first test also showed up a v. faint line after c. 5 minutes, so got the digital test and came up "pregnant" straight away. The doc said this was because I was so early in my pregnancy - c. 5 weeks.
mammybean Posts: 10364
i does say to pay no attention to a result after 10 minutes so i am not sure. The clear blue tests are also accurate from the same time as first response, I personally hate the first response. so you can either try the clear blue or wait another couple of days. Lucy - where are you in your cycle now?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i think 12 minutes might be a bit to long, try another test, fingers x :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
Cowslip Posts: 761
Beanies girls, I am due af some time this week, I'm not sure when as I'm not sure when I I am going to sit tight for sign yet though...
Me Julia Posts: 1352
i am with you as well. The waiting is a killer! Its only our first month but i havent been on the pill for 3 years so i am hoping it wont take too long. I think from what i have been told 12min is a bit long like the other girls said. What do you all think of the digital tests for pregnancy? Any good? or prefer the ones that show the lines instead?
Septbride Posts: 380
hi, don't want to rain on your parade - but i think 12 mins mite be a little too long also - but hey you never know, so don't give up - just try and be brave for another few days if you can, the amt of hcg doubles each day so you should no more then!! I used the digital clearblue test and then 2 normal clearblue tests!!! I found the digital grand but to be honest they are expensive and the 'pregnant' bit goes off the screen in 60mins so if you are alone doing test and you want to show hubbie or whoever it wud be gone!!! The 'normal' tests are just as effective!!! Good Luck & fingers crossed for everyone on the 2wk wait!!! xxx
Me Julia Posts: 1352
thanks sept bride, i didn't know that about the pregnant sign disappearing off the screen. That would be really annoying!