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apbride Posts: 13
Hi all I am 5 weeks pregnant. Only found out last Thursday. While I am really delighted I am really nervous. I had a chemical miscarriage in Feb so hence I am really nervous now. Since last Thurs (4 days late) I have had period type cramps at various times throughout the day. They are not constant but are there. They have lessened at lot though since Thurs and I have only had niggly pains today barely noticeable. I have had no spotting(thank God) Is this normal. I went to the doctor and she said that I should not really have these pains. Also on the last misscarriage when I rang the hospital when I started bleeding she asked me were my breasts really sore which they werent and she said they should be really sore. While this time they feel quite tender and when I touch them at times only they are sore. They are not at all really sore. They are sorer at certain times but sometimes they are not sore at all Sorry about the long post but I am just really nervous because of what happened last time.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Hi, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! It's really hard to get excited about being pregnant again after having a mc, I know. I had period type pains on & off till I was about 10 weeks pg, it's just your uterus stretching. The nurse shouldn't have told you that you shouldn't be getting these, loads of girls do. The one thing I noticed about this pregnancy compared to my 2 mc was the tender boobs from day 1. At first they were just sore if I poked them or if I got cold but as the weeks went on they were sore constantly. But it's different for everyone, some people never notice them at all. See if you can get an early scan at 8 weeks, you're entitled to one after having a mc. Best of luck x
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I am sorry to hear about your previous loss it is very hard and Congratulations on getting your bfp. I know how hard it is to believe that this pregnancy will work out, I had a mc at 8wks and got pregnant 2wks later to which I got told not to get my hopes up that it was too soon after my mc. I had period like pains for about 2 weeks and my nipples tingled the odd time but my boobs were not sore. Ring fetal assessment in your local maternity hospital and get an reassurance scan, tell them about your previous loss. Best of luck :wv
chloe100 Posts: 97
Hi Ap Congrats on your BFP :o)ll Cramping is completly normal I had ' bad period ' like pains until 10-12 weeks... At 6 weeks I had terrible cramping, so bad that one night I spent hours crying with the pain... following a trip to the GP and a scan at EPU everything was fine with the pregnancy. They suspected a rumbling appendix but I've never experienced that intense pain since... If your still concerned maybe you should pop into see your doc, I don;t think the nurse should have told you this as I'm almost certain it's untrue
alton Posts: 3077
Congratulations and sorry to hear about your previous MC. I took my time before taking a test because it really felt as if I had a period coming on - tender boobs and dull cramps. And the feeling lasted for weeks, sometimes with sharp little cramps deep down that freaked me out (they generally eased off when I drank lots of water). My boobs felt heavy and tender but not painful or unbearable by any means.
downwiththissortofthing Posts: 113
I'm 28 weeks and I've had period like pains the whole time, on and off. As far as I know that's not unusual - I've mentioned it to GP and consultant and they weren't worried, just said as long as there's no bleeding it's grand. My boobies were only sore on and off in the early days as well, some days they were very tender and others they were like normal. It's impossible to stop second guessing and worrying I know, but there seems to be a very wide spectrum of what's "normal" or what you "should" be feeling. :thnk