Really Tired no motivation

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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
hi girls just wondering if anyone has any tips for me -i'm 22 wks tmrw and feel really tired and have no motivation for anything all i keep thinking about is being off work. i took a half day last wk to see if this would help but it didnt really. all i want to do is sleep - have only taken 2.5 days off so far but was thinking of going to the doc to get a note for a few days off even if i took a thur and fri then i'd have 4 days altogether to have a nice rest. dont really want to do this as feel very guilty taking time off work :-8 i would really appreciate any advice. thanks
tilsun Posts: 4506
Any chance your iron has gone low? Or have you ever had B12 tested? Throwing them out there as I have both of these problems and symptoms are what you described. I think the four days in a row would be a good idea to give your body a chance to get its strength back
kittenheels Posts: 59
Hi Mrsreddy It's a horrible feeling I know. I wonder how your iron levels are? Low levels of iron might be the cause. I feel really tired all the time myself. I got to where you are a couple of weeks ago and the doc gave me a note and though I'm still tired, the couple of days off still made me feel better. It'll allow you to rest and just concentrate on the baby, no rushing in and out of work and dealing with things you just don't feel up to at the moment. Be kind to yourself & you'll pick up. :thnk
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
thanks girls defo not my iron levels as i get regular b12 injections for this - just feel like i have no motivation and am really fed up in work which makes me feel terrible coz i should be grateful i have a job to begin with!! just would love to be at home resting :o(
tilsun Posts: 4506
I've been getting my B12 shots regularly and the blood tests said B12 was normal but iron was very low at 15 weeks! Have been taking the iron now and starting to feel much more normal