Really want to go sick from work .....

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mcglick Posts: 463
Oh girls im strugging and im only 22 weeks this week! Im so tired, pains and aches everywhere, cant get enough sleep, cant concentrate, back is killing me.... I JUST WANNA GO HOME!!!!
SaJa Posts: 4282
I know exactly how you feel and I've still got another 9 1/2 weeks to go before my mat leave starts :o(
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I'd love to be off too. I've had to take a day's leave most weeks for the last while. I'm working long days today and yesterday and then I'm on holidays for over a week. We're going to stay with family for a while and then to a hotel for 2 nights, but I would be happy just to stay at home :-8 I've done absolutely nothing to the house in weeks and weeks, have some stuff to do for our business, and am feeling really overwhelmed by it all. I had thought that by this stage of the pregancy that I would be all organised - not a chance!!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
mcglick would you be allowed to leave early? Babs is more important than work - I should really listen to my own advice too :-8 Day is nearly over now :xxx
whackywoman Posts: 1496
why don't you take a sick day tomorrow. I had to do that one day during pregnancy as I literally felt like I did not know my own name as I felt so tired, sore, fed up etc and I must say that it did me the world of good. Before the day off I might as well not have been at work for all of the amount I was doing, sometimes an extra day off can feel like a weeks holiday.
lila Posts: 982
I know how you feel mcglick. It does get better though but maybe you should just ring in sick tomorrow and put the feet up for the day. You'll feel so much better after some r n'r. Do you have any holidays planned before babs arrives? I would advise you to take a few days off also just to recharge the batteries. You'll need all your energy for the last few weeks as I'm now at the stage where I'm very uncomfortable and I'm on cloud nine if I get 2-3 hours sleep in a row at night.....just keep telling myself 10 days or so left in work :wv hope you feel better soon
mcglick Posts: 463
well i have about 5 weeks paid sick leave left ..... the rest (up til mid dec) id have to take social welfare until until my maternity leave kicks in....ive no hols left either! :o(
mcglick Posts: 463
alo - wa out sick last week for 2 days with the flu so really dont want to be in and out like a yo yo. Think im just having a really pregnant day :o0 have a docs appointment on Friday afternoon so that will shorten the week, and sure next week were into wishing my life away! going to head at 4 ish today and make hub feel sorry for me and make my dinner >:o)
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
If you get a cert from your doc that says maternity related illness its not normally classed as sick leave thats how it works in my office.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
if you dont feel up to it dont go in, your health and baby is more important, take a day off and pamper yourself, i did this sat, went for a facial. it was lovely, i even find a pedicure relaxing, the massage is heaven, go and treat yourself. :thnk