Really worried dat I'm further along than 11 wks

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Clumsy28 Posts: 407
God really stressed out feel like I could be further along than my 11 wks cause I was reading that U don't get headaches til your 11 wks along and I had a terrible migraine 3 weeks ago. My last period was on d 22nd of Mar. had one heavy day and the rest were v.light than I started txting DH on the 31st of March that I was really tired and starving and that pattern went a day a week. The timing of this arrival is really bad and worse if my dates are out. But my boobs didn't start acting up (more like blowing up til the 14 of April) I feel like I going mad. My 1st scan isn't til next wk. So my question is could I still have had period even though I was pregnant. Practically in tears over this. I don't really want to explain why the timing is such a big issue incase my ID gets rumbled
perfectc Posts: 185
Hi there, from your last af that would make you around 11wks now. Regarding headaches, they can come at anything don't mind the internet. I'm ten weeks and had a headache at 4wks and 9wks so nothing is set in stone. it's highly unlikely you had a period and were pregnant. Regarding the timing, there never is a perfect time, try and remain positive and you will look back on this post in a few mths and you will feel so very differently., try not be upset and when the baby arrives you will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overjoyed.
Emme Posts: 4735
Hey, okay calm down! Are you solely basing your worries on something you read about headaches? If so I think you're panicing for no reason as I got/get headaches from the start. They went on DS somewhere around 4 months I think. Anyway, as far as I'm aware they are caused by the sudden surge in hormones which are going mental in the first trimester..have you any other reason to suspect your dates are wrong?
Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Thanks for the reply it was just dat my last AF was short but heavy. AF's are such a mine field. Just worried my AF was just cleaning out bleed if u know what I mean. Just dat I had symptoms so early on which wudn't make sense to me.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I would say that the symptoms are pure coincidence, I mean you can feel tired and starving following AF I wouldn't call that pregnancy symptoms (unless I was pimping) so I agree with other girls that you have nowt to worry about.