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MammyC Posts: 3621
Hi Did anybody here have travel vaccinations and then realise they were pregnant. Unfortunately that is what has just happened to me :( Im so worried, I took the last two days off work. I feel like im just waiting for the worst. This is my first ever pregnancy and other than the vaccinations this is the best news for me and DH. It wasnt planned this month, and im really upset here, ( tears just keep coming) Please girls I just need honest advice, somebody else must have gone through this???The doctors just keep saying to wait as they dont know.. :thnk
kosheen Posts: 179
this happened my sister four years ago. She was going to Thailand and had all the vacanations done and one week later she found out she was 6 weeks pregnant. Like yourself she was very worried but she had a healthy baby. Her doctor even told her to go on holidays and relax, which she done. you will be fine, try not to worry to much.
MammyC Posts: 3621
Oh god, thank you so much for the reply! It means a lot to me that you took the time to type :-8 Im going rapidly insane Thats great news about your sister and her baby. its good to know that its not just me that this has happened to! and that there was a positive outcome. Hopefully everthying will be ok, its very early days for me yet ( im only 3 weeks at the most) I wish I could just be excited and enjoy my secret.
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
Just check with your GP just to be on the safe side.
MammyC Posts: 3621
I went to the GP yesterday, he said not to worry that they dont know the risks really and that I would probably be fine, but to ring straight away for a consultation and get an early scan/appointment, which I did. I was reassured coming out of the doctors but then yesterday evening the consultant rang back and said that if its a live vaccination ( which it was ) pregnancy tends to mc. So if I have any bleeding its relevent, They are ringing me back today to book me in for the 8 week scan. Surely this has ( unfortunately ) to be common enough
mamabelle Posts: 1101
You can do nothing about it now and worrying certainly won't help anything so just keep busy. I got vaccinations before honeymoon in Thailand - didn't realise I had a touch of pregnancy at that stage! Anyway I'm 36 weeks today and so far so good. So don't presume the worst or the stress could do more damage than the vaccine.