Really worried-made mistake when taking med

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mumofadarling Posts: 37
hi all I am really worried. I have tonsilitis and have been trying to fight it without taking antibs. doc reckons I will fight it no problem but he said I could take paracetemol. I went to local shop no paracetemol but they had blue panadol and when I read box it said ingredients: paraceteml so I thought it was ok but on inside leaflet it says more ingredients. I am now in a complete state that I ve done damage! :( can anyone out there reassure me?
jewellb Posts: 2389
Blue panadol is fine the rest of the stuff it what holds tab together etc!! Please don't panic!! They are perfectly safe esp as doc told you to take them just follow dosage I had mastitis recently and had to take them for 2 days!! If you have a temp you def need to take them as temp not good for baby !!!
mumofadarling Posts: 37
thanks for your reply. dr told me take para so i was freakin thankfully no temp .
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Panadol is just a branded version of paracetemol. Its prefectly safe as long as you dont take more than the recommended dose.